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Live Like a Local in Las Vegas

Everyone knows that Las Vegas is home to hundreds of casinos, shows, and world-renowned restaurants but there are also a lot of hidden gems and fun places to visit off the main strip. If you’re in Las Vegas for the first time and want to do as the locals do, check out some of these places to shop and eat and get your hair done.

Eating In Las Vegas

There are so many choices when it comes to eating in Las Vegas that it can be overwhelming just to pick a spot. If you’re looking for a place off the beaten path, try Eggs & I. This spot serves some of the best breakfasts and lunches in town. You can have eggs any which way, French toast, soups, salads, sandwiches, and burgers made to order. There are 4 Las Vegas locations, so you’re sure to find one wherever you are.

The Bellagio is one of the most iconic spots in Las Vegas. One of their restaurants, Le Cirque, offers a complete dining experience. You can sample classic French cuisine while taking in the sites of the room. There are bold colors everywhere and something new to see at every turn. You can also admire the lakeside view from your table while you dine on dishes like foie gras and caviar. They also have a vegetarian and dessert menu.

French cuisine might not be your thing but if you’re looking for international flavors try Arwan Thai Bistro and Dessert. Choose from a variety of curries, noodles, and traditional dishes like Ka Moo Palow and Pad See Ew. Their desserts include things like chocolate mousse cake and vanilla bean crème Brulee. There is also a lunch menu and plenty of vegan options.

Shops In Las Vegas

You won’t have a hard time finding great shopping spots in Las Vegas. In fact, The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace have been called “The Shopping Wonder of the World.” Not only can you shop in stores like H&M, Tiffany’s, and Louis Vuitton, you can take in sights like talking statues, exotic fish aquariums, diamonds at Hearts on Fire, and privately owned art galleries.

If you’re looking for a slightly more traditional shopping experience, you can head to Downtown Summerlin. This outdoor mall lets you enjoy the weather in Las Vegas while shopping at your favorite stores. Crate & Barrel, Fabletics, Macy’s, and Lululemon are just a few of the hundreds of stores available here.

Fashionistas unite at The Fashion Show. This mall features some of the latest fashions from the runway all in one spot. You can also find typical mall stores like Bath and Body Works, the Disney Store, and plenty of dining options.

Hair Salons in Las Vegas

Las Vegas can make you want to try some crazy things, and if you’re searching for a completely new look, the salons here can help. Hottie Hair Salon & Extensions can transform your hair into something totally different. They have a full selection of hair services as well as the latest in hair extensions. If you’re a bride, stop in for their wedding package and get your hair and makeup ready for the big day.

Kelly Cardenas Salon will cut, color, and style your hair into the latest trend. They have two Las Vegas locations, so you can make sure to get an appointment.

Las Vegas is full of surprises and things to do, so get out there and enjoy the city.  

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