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Las Vegas Volunteer Opportunities for Seniors

You’ve spent years working for someone else and finally reached retirement, but what do you do now?

While golf and waking up late can be enjoyable for a while, eventually you’ll feel the need to get out and accomplish something with your newfound free time. Las Vegas seniors can use retirement to pursue the interests that they truly enjoy while giving back to the community and making a difference in the world.

Keep reading to learn about how volunteering in Las Vegas will enrich your life and help improve the lives of others.

Schools Need Help

The Clark County School District needs volunteers to contribute in a variety of important roles. You can make a difference in a child’s life by contributing to the early literacy program or providing tutoring services in the subject of your choice.

Bilingual volunteers are especially needed to help the school district's new Americans to do their best in their new home. Your help will also be appreciated in the cafeteria and playground as a lunch and free-time monitor. The cafeteria will always appreciate help in the kitchen and manning the cash registers.

Libraries are great for Book Lovers

The Las Vegas-Clark County Library District has many rewarding volunteer opportunities for Las Vegas seniors. If you enjoy being with children, the Library can always use volunteers to read stories and help conduct special events for children. You can learn about the Dewey Decimal System helping to organize and return reference materials and books where they belong.

Of course, you can also take care of the front desk and be the face of the library system. You’ll enjoy handing out new library cards and helping people to use library services.

Volunteering For Animals

The Bonnie Springs Zoo is a fantastic place for seniors who are interested in working with or around animals. The Zoo always needs volunteers to conduct guided tours and share the wonder of the Zoo with visitors.

For seniors who want a more hands-on role at the Zoo, you can volunteer to help with habitat maintenance and even assist with food preparation for zoo residents.

Plant Lovers Have a Place to Go

Springs Reserve is a Nevada treasure and an exciting place to volunteer. Springs Reserve offers animal attractions, a botanical garden, museum and hiking trails, and always needs volunteers to assist in making every visitor’s experience the best possible.

Volunteers at Spring Reserve can choose from dozens of important roles that are all instrumental in keeping it the most amazing place to visit for everyone.

Whether it's learning botany in the Garden, guiding tours through the museum, sharing the excitement of Nevada history, or helping care for the resident animals, you’ll have an enriching experience that will add excitement to your retirement.

Take Advantage of the Opportunities in Las Vegas

This is only a taste of the volunteer opportunities available to Las Vegas seniors. Use your interests as a springboard to find the perfect volunteer opportunity for you.

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