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Las Vegas Veterans Support Groups

After suffering many hard years in battle, many veterans come home only to find it is hard here as well. It is tough to find a job with no experience in those types of fields. Health care is hard to come by. Finding a home is a significant struggle. Cities need to put safeguards in place that ensure veterans returning home can continue to get the help they require throughout their time home. Las Vegas has done a great job already, providing local, state, and national resources to all vets in the area.

City-Based Organizations

Veterans Village Las Vegas has two establishments in the city. One sits at 1150 Las Vegas Blvd. South in downtown Vegas, while the other is located at 50 N. 21st Street. The group’s goal is to advocate for veterans, educate the public on veterans’ needs, and build a support group for all included parties.

The Veterans Benefits Administration has an office in North Las Vegas, sitting at 6900 N. Pecos Road. Go to the first floor, room 1C301, to receive a walk-in interview. Representatives assist you with filing for VA benefits. They can also show you how to access the eBenefits system and set up an account if you wish to file online instead. You may ask for an event calendar as well, which will allow you to see which classes and events are coming up soon.

State-Based Organizations

The Nevada Department of Veterans Services sits at 6900 N Pecos Rd #1c238. All veterans in the state can contact this facility to get the information they need, whether for filing claims, obtaining housing applications, gaining employment, or otherwise. Visit the website to discover the latest news or search for information directly.

Veterans Services of Nevada has a primary office location in Reno, at 5460 Reno Corporate Dr # 131. Anyone from the state can call them at (775) 688-1653 to discuss service options and see about getting assistance. You can also head online to sign up for benefits through NVVetNet.

Nationally-Recognized Organizations

Many nationally-recognized organizations provide support and assistance to veterans. One organization that brings it back to each community is the Veterans of Foreign Wars. VFW posts pop up all over the country, providing meeting places for local vets to socialize and engage with one another. Las Vegas has four posts alone:

Post 10047 North Las Vegas Memorial

Post - 4337 Las Vegas Blvd N; 1930 Hours on every 3rd Tuesday

Post 12101 Matthew R. Hennigan - 10900 Southern Highlands Parkway; 6:00 PM 1st Tuesday

Post 12093 John Lukac - 6601 North Buffalo Dr; 6:30 PM 2nd Thursday

Post 12156 Red Rock Post 12156 - 6424 W Cheyenne Ave; 6:30 p.m. 3rd Tuesday

Remembering Our Vets

The Veterans Day Parade of Las Vegas is known as the largest parade west of the Mississippi. It gets bigger each year, allowing everyone in the city and surrounding areas to remember our vets and honor them with a special day. The Veterans Action Group manages the parade and ensures everything runs smoothly. You can visit the website to see a countdown for when the next parade starts. It is second in size behind New York City.

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