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Las Vegas Veterans Benefits

There are few callings in life nobler than the desire to serve your country.  U.S. veterans place their bodies on the front lines of our great nation’s conflicts and protect every citizen’s freedoms.

Frequently, serving your country comes at a price.  Many veterans leave the military services with financial, physical or emotional issues that will affect them for the rest of their lives.

Fortunately, Las Vegas veterans have access to a multitude of programs and services that can help them get the care they need. Continue reading to learn about programs and resources available to Las Vegas vets so they can get the help and support they need.

The Veteran’s Administration Health Care System

The VA Healthcare System exists to help veterans of the U.S. military in medical need.  Vets can take advantage of the VA Healthcare System to receive critical medical care for many chronic and acute health issues.

Vets who suffer from diabetes will receive comprehensive care and necessary medications to manage this chronic condition.  The VA will provide state-of-the-art cardiac care for vets suffering a panoply of cardiac conditions.

Vets with substance abuse issues will get the counseling and medical help they need to get over their addictions and resume productive lives.

The VA offers geriatric and hospice care to make a veteran’s golden years as easy as possible.  The VA health care system offers care for degenerative memory diseases like Alzheimer’s and will treat chronic joint diseases to get vets back on their feet.

Coaching into Care

Coaching into Care is a nationwide phone service provided by the VA. The aim of this program is to educate, support, and empower the family members and friends of veterans who are seeking care and VA services.

The goal of Coaching into Care is to help Veterans, family members of vets, and any other loved ones to find the right services at a local VA facility or in the community.

Coach into Care will also provide coaching to the family and friends of vets who are aware that a vet may be having difficulty adjusting to post-military life. Coaching will be provided by licensed psychologists or social workers. This service is free-of-charge, and all calls are confidential.

My Next Move for Veterans

Veterans can suffer many career challenges after separating from active-duty.  Often, the military occupational specialty they were trained in doesn’t translate into gainful civilian employment.

My Next Move for Veterans is an organization dedicated to helping U.S. vets find satisfying and stable work.  My Next Move is sponsored by the Dept. of Labor and offers vets many great options to conduct their job search.

You can search for employment based on your military specialty, your preferences, or your education level in any U.S. geographic location.  You served your nation, and My Next Move will ensure that you have a good shot at a satisfying civilian career.

National Resource Directory

The National Resource Directory is a clearinghouse of information about the resources available to U.S. vets on the web.  Bookmark this website and return every time you need to research what aid is available for your situation.

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