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Las Vegas Support Groups for Caregivers

Being the sole caregiver for an incapacitated or chronically ill loved one is an extraordinary challenge.  Caregivers are often on their own, with no one to assist them in their daily efforts to provide a good quality of life for a family member in need.

Las Vegas caregivers are lucky that there is a multitude of support groups and organizations dedicated to helping them out.  Continue reading to learn about some of the resources caregivers in Las Vegas have near them.

Alzheimer’s Association

As a global leader in Alzheimer’s advocacy, the Alzheimer’s Association actively supports research into the causes and treatments of this degenerative neurological condition.  The Alzheimer’s Association is also a source of education and support for everyone that’s affected by this chronic condition.

With chapters located all across the U.S., Alzheimer’s patients and the people who love and care for them are always within easy reach of help they can provide.

No matter how Alzheimer’s is affecting you, you can call the Alzheimer’s Association helpline at 1.800.272.3900.   

The helpline will provide valuable information and support for all who need assistance.  


One of the worst things about acting as a full-time caregiver is the sense of isolation that can develop as your days are consumed with the activities of daily life.  

Often, full-time caregivers are restricted to a small area around the person they care for.  Being limited to a small geographic area and being constantly busy providing for an ill family member leaves little opportunity for social interaction.  Here is where ALZConnected demonstrates their value.

Working with the Alzheimer’s Association, ALZConnected offers caregivers (and Alzheimer’s sufferers) a free online community that connects them to thousands of people around the world through online forums.

Caregivers can trade information and disseminate important information that they’ve learned.  Most importantly, Las Vegas caregivers can get back a feeling of belonging and gain social interaction as they digitally meet new friends and have access to sympathetic ears.

VA Caregiver Services

The Veteran’s Administration is involved in all aspects of caring for the people who dedicated themselves to the defense of our great nation.  Caregivers of U.S. vets are giving consideration and support as well.  

Contact your local Veteran’s Administration office to speak to a Caregiver Support Coordinator and start the process of finding out what they can do for you.

Your Caregiver Support Coordinator will be a licensed professional who can support you by matching you up with the services for which you’re eligible, and can provide you with valuable information about the resources that are available.

Family Caregiver Support Services

Family Caregiver Support Services is actually several services;

Counseling to caregivers to help them make important decisions and solve caregiver related problems.

Support Groups that will provide emotional support and a place to share information.

Caregiver Training to ensure that the caregiver provides the best care for the condition of the person they care for.

Respite Care to give caregivers a break.

Information Services that keep caregivers informed. 

These services are funded under Title 3-E of the Older Americans Act and are intended for unpaid caregivers who care for adults 60 years of age and older.  

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