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Las Vegas Senior Movers and Downsizers

As difficult as it can be, moving is an inevitable part of life.  Many people can remember the hard work, emotional distress, and lost keepsakes that moving to new residence involves.

Unfortunately, Las Vegas seniors face unique issues when moving from their long-term homes, the hardest of which is the need to downsize.  Downsizing is a harrowing process for seniors who are faced with trying to save as many precious items as they can fit into a smaller space.

Senior move managers are experts in helping seniors to coordinate the involved process of reducing their belongings as they move into a senior residence community or nursing home.  Keep reading to find out what a senior move manager (SMM) does, where to find one in Las Vegas, and how you can pay for this invaluable service.

What Las Vegas Senior Move Experts Do

Senior move managers who are members of the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM) have taken courses that educate them on the issues specific to senior downsizing and moving.  The SMM will be required to be insured or bonded according to NASMM standards and abide by a strict code of conduct.

Your SMM will assist you with de-cluttering decade’s worth of belongings and categorizing which items will be kept, sold, donated, thrown out, or given to friends and family for safe keeping.

A senior move expert will approach your move and downsize with the compassion and concern that you expect.

When it’s Time to Contact a Senior Move Specialist

In an emergency, your SMM will be able to come in and quickly coordinate moving your household into the new location while taking care of the details involved in downsizing and disposing of possessions that you won’t be able to take with you.

As efficient as an SMM can be in an emergency move, it’s far preferable to plan your move as far ahead as possible.

Once you’ve decided that a downsizing move is inevitable, you should start your search for a competent senior mover.  With enough advanced preparation, the senior mover will be able to make your transition virtually painless.

The sooner you contact a senior move expert, the better chance you have of maximizing the profit realized from selling those things you can’t take with you.

Finding a Las Vegas Senior Mover

Internet access is an invaluable aid in searching for many service providers, and the NASMM website has a handy online search tool that will allow you to quickly see who’s available near you.

Asking the residents at your new senior community is a good way to learn from the experiences your new neighbors had when they successfully downsized.

The Better Business Bureau is another source of valuable information.  Besides finding the senior movers near you, you’ll see their BBB rating.

How Much Will a Senior Mover Cost?

According to Market Watch, a senior move manager can cost between $40 and $100 per hour. This is in addition to the cost of the actual moving company.  You can defray the cost considerably by planning ahead, inquiring about service options and package deals, and selling items you can’t move for the best price possible.

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