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Las Vegas Senior Living

Different levels of senior care and living opportunities occupy Las Vegas. Finding the type of care required is not all it takes, as paying for the selection also proves necessary. Seniors often find this time of their lives incredibly trying and stressful. With the help of this guide, all Las Vegas seniors get to experience an easier time finding their senior living solution.

Associated Costs of Senior Living in Las Vegas

The costs of senior living extend far beyond what anyone could image. The large costs particularly hold true for Las Vegas where the cost of living is already at an extreme high. The Genworth Cost of Care Survey puts the price for a private room in Las Vegas at $95,995 per year. Semi-private solutions prove more affordable, only reaching $80,000. An assisted living community equates to less, totaling in at only $36,000. Staff members do not provide as many care options in this package, though, which is why it costs much less money.

Senior Living Possibilities in the Area

A custom care plan allows every senior to create an individual assessment of their needs. It ensures each person fully understands the level of care they require and know where that care gets provided. In-home options and facility stays are both available.

Private and Community Services

Private services provide in-home care while community services offer care to any senior in the area. Either option meets the needs of seniors still residing at home. Homemaker Services - Homemaker services ensure seniors get help at home. Kitchen duties, housekeeping needs and transportation to appointments create just a few of the services offered. A Homemaker Home Health Aide Program provides services in the area. Adult Day Care - Adult day care gives caregivers the opportunities to get away for the day while ensuring seniors get taken care of properly. There is constant supervision with daily planned activities. Seniors may also enjoy lunch and a snack while attending the daycare facility.

Getting Recommendations on Private and Community Services in the Area

It is important to get recommendations on private and community services in the area before receiving care from either of them. Do you have the proper licensing? Is insurance maintained on all equipment and employees? Do your workers complete a background check? Do employees complete appropriate training before becoming certified? Does the daycare facility offer transportation, and at what times?

Assisted Living and Nursing Home Possibilities

Las Vegas contains numerous nursing home possibilities and assisted living locations. Many benefits stem from each choice, depending on the most vital needs of seniors looking into the options. Living Independently - An independent living location allows seniors to live alone. It is essentially an apartment complex where each person has their own place. It provides a single-occupancy room for each resident. You maintain your independence and keep an active lifestyle if you desire. Living With Assistance - Numerous people wish they could live alone yet prove unable to do so thanks to their medical issues. Living with assistance is the best option in this case as it ensures each person receives medical care as soon as needed, yet still gets to enjoy solitary living. Living in a Medical Care Home - Nursing homes, also referred to as medical care units, provide advanced care options. Seniors residing in these homes have limited mobility and often find it difficult to live alone. They need round-the-clock care from skilled nurses. Plaza Regency has nurses available 24/7 to provide care to all residents.

Getting Recommendations on Assisted Living and Nursing Homes in the Area

Various assisted living and nursing homes in the area provide similar offerings. However, some are not licensed or do not have extra services desired. It is best to get recommendations from others to discover the best facility nearby. Is a continuum of care offered? What additional services get included in the monthly fee? Do they provide meal preparation and laundry service? May I hire outside services to handle certain duties, such as housekeeping?

Paying for Las Vegas Care

A caregiver, or the seniors themselves, must pay for their Las Vegas care. Elderly citizens that find it difficult to pay should first look into insurance options. Medicare pays for a portion of the cost, often up to 100 days worth of a stay. Homeowners may also use their homes to pay for their new living quarters, whether they sell the house they have or choose to take out a second mortgage to make it work. Various options ensure everyone finds a way to pay when needed.

Las Vegas Events and Volunteering Opportunities

Numerous events create a fun and inviting environment in Las Vegas. Seniors have plenty to do and see outside of the activities offered at their living facility or during their adult day programs. The Martin Luther King Jr. Parade takes place in January. An awards ceremony allows eligible participants to receive recognition for contributing to King Jr’s work. A float and marching band create the main attractions. The World Archery Festival also takes place in Las Vegas. It features a series of tournaments. It is exciting to watch, and an accompanying trade show provides the opportunity to purchase some of the gear seen during the tour. The Great Crafts Festival provides another option, allowing seniors to congregate during the third week in March for some local craft shopping. Seniors looking to volunteer rather than get entertained have numerous opportunities to do so. Nevada Senior Services have various adult day care centers. Volunteers may sign up to visit with others or even lead a class. Anyone with a unique talent may also provide entertainment. Event planning and fundraising ideas come in handy. With this Las Vegas roundup, you now have what you need to make an educated decision on the right living facility or home services. Additional information about veteran support, respite care, assisted living, and more can be accessed through our website. The goal is to be the one-stop source for all senior needs.

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