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Las Vegas Senior Centers

There are so many things for seniors to do in Las Vegas, you might end up being just as busy in retirement as you were when you were working. Thankfully, your time will be spent doing the things you love like traveling, playing games, meeting new people, or even performing. You can also make sure you take care of yourself with fitness classes and new learning opportunities.

When You Want To Play Cards

Cards and board games are an easy way to socialize with other seniors while relaxing and doing something you love. You can find groups that play Bunco, Canasta, and Pinochle at the Cora Coleman Senior Center and the Howard Lieburn Senior Center also has various card games and board games. If you want to learn how to play a new game, you can take table game classes at the West Flamingo Senior Center.

When You Want To Expand Your Mind

Learning doesn’t end when you graduate high school or college, and even though you might not have had time while working and raising a family, retirement is the best time to start back up. The University of Nevada Las Vegas has an Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, which is a program for adults 50 and older that allows you to take courses on campus and learn new things. You just pay an annual membership fee to gain access. If you’re thinking of going back to work part-time but want to learn a new skill, you can enroll in the Truckee Meadows Community College Workforce Development and Community Education Program. These classes are tailored to adults and senior citizens and equip you to get you ready for a new job quickly.

When You Want To Take Care Of Your Health

Regular check-ups and eating a balanced diet are all important parts of staying healthy as you age, but physical fitness is crucial as well. It’s easy to stay in shape with the numerous senior classes and fitness centers around Las Vegas. Both the Cora Coleman and the Howard Lieburn Senior Centers have a fitness room and various classes like Tai Chi and yoga. You can also join the local YMCA and enroll in their senior-specific classes for a discounted fee.

When You Want To Take The Stage

Not everyone intends to be a star, but if it was your dream to perform on stage, it’s not too late. Cora Coleman offers various dancing classes that include line and tap dancing while the West Flamingo Senior Center has line, tap, and Japanese dancing classes. You can take belly dancing classes at the Las Vegas Senior Center as well. If you want to sing, you can join the Senior Eagles Choir at Mountaintop Faith Ministries or the Las Vegas Master Singers. You can even show off your talents at the annual Las Vegas Senior Idol Talent Show.

When You Want To Add Friends To Your Circle

Many seniors think that the friends they have now are the last friends they’ll make, but that isn’t true. You can meet seniors all over Las Vegas at different meetups. There are meetups for Las Vegas Seniors over 50 or for people who like to hike and enjoy nature. If you want to meet a new love interest, you can find groups for senior singles as well.

When You Want To Explore

Traveling as a senior might be easier and more fun than you would guess. If you’re solo but would like to travel with a companion, TripAdvisor has a forum to connect you with other senior travelers. Las Vegas Senior Tripsters is a local group that plans trips all around the country and the world so you can choose which adventure you would like to go on next and travel in a large group. There are also meetups for travel enthusiasts.

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