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Las Vegas Respite Care and Adult Day Care

Most people would like to live out their twilight years in their own home with the assistance of an adult caregiver. Fortunately, when the caregiver needs to work outside of the home or must get away to take care of their own needs, there is adult day care available to provide social outlets, hot meals, and medical supervision. Also, when their loved one is not alone at home, a family caregiver can put their mind at ease. Below, we will explore adult day services in Las Vegas.

Why Pick Respite Care or Adult Day Care Programs?

Adult day care centers are generally drop-off programs where retirees and other adults who have impairments can get help with daily care. These services are usually offered in community centers, senior living campuses, church facilities, and other settings. Some of these venues provide transportation for participants. Services are typically available Monday through Friday during standard work hours, though some facilities have extended hours. You can have your loved one attend every day of the week or just when a family caregiver is ill or on vacation.

All adult day care programs provide hot lunch, though some also offer breakfast and healthy snacks. The trained staff members make sure golden agers stay hydrated, help with toileting and other personal needs, and oversee medication and monitoring schedules during the day. Plus, there are some facilities that specialize in helping patients with dementia.

Social events generally include visits from friendly therapy pets, music therapy, card and board games, field trips, gardening and other outside activities, and adaptive exercise programs. In Nevada, the Aging and Disability Services Division oversees the day activity and health services for the state.

Where Can Adult Day Care Be Found in Las Vegas?

There are dozens of adult day care programs in the city of Las Vegas as well as much more throughout the state. You should begin your search close to your home or place of employment when looking for respite care. Depending on where you are located, the following centers may be convenient for you:

Baby Boomers Activities Club located in the Charleston Preservation neighborhood


Adult Day Care Center of Las Vegas situated in the Ridgemount neighborhood


Almost Home Adult Day Care found in Northwest Las Vegas


Adult Care Connections on Gaucho Drive in the Winchester neighborhood


Golden Ages Adult Day Care nestled between the Desert Pines Golf Course and Freedom Park

Additionally, you can get referrals by talking to your loved one’s physician or therapists.

How Is Adult Day Care Paid for?

In the Las Vegas area, the daily rate for adult day health care is $70. This figure is $24 less than the median rate for a day in an assisted living facility, and it is $50 less than the full-day rate for in-home care. Long-term care policies generally pay for adult day care when it is necessary for medical or cognitive reasons. There are also programs approved by the VA and Medicaid that are available for seniors with limited funds.

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