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Las Vegas Neighborhood Guide

Las Vegas is known to many as the party city. Gambling, girls, and nightlife are what most people who do not live in the area think about when they hear the word Vegas. While these things are present in some parts of town, they are not what the entire city is about by any means. Seniors looking to relocate to Las Vegas to retire can enjoy quiet neighborhoods and peaceful places just like with any other city.

Memorable Las Vegas Neighborhoods

Michael Way is a memorable neighborhood in Las Vegas thanks to its A+ rating for cost of living. The area has a cost of living index that is seven percent lower than all other Las Vegas communities. It also earns an A+ rating for amenities since so many businesses are in the vicinity. Restaurants like Saddle N Spurs Saloon, Sonic Drive-In, KFC, and China Joe’s provide plenty of dining options.

When you want to get away from the Strip, Summerlin is the place to be. It sits on the west side of Vegas and is mainly comprised of a residential neighborhood with basic shops and recreational activities. The Red Rock National Recreation Area calls Summerlin home, providing you with plenty of space to hike, bike, sightsee, and just enjoy nature.

Standout Senior Locations in Las Vegas

Earning a score of 74 on the livability scale, The Lakes neighborhood proves to be a standout place for older people in Las Vegas. Numerous apartments and senior living communities are nearby. The area is quieter than most other locations throughout the city, with Old Spanish Trail Park making up one of the most serene areas around. To the south is the Rainbow Springs Shopping Center where you can travel to get all your shopping done.

Blue Diamond has a population of just over 290 people. The small neighborhood provides solace to those who want a quiet community away from the hustle and bustle of city life. A park, pool, library, and church are a few of the main attractions in the area. The median age of residents is 52 years old.

Settling on a Las Vegas Neighborhood

Each person has their own definition of what makes the best neighborhood. While you may enjoy a peaceful setting surrounded by trees, another may want to live downtown where they can walk to all the restaurants and stores in the vicinity. It is up to you to settle in a Las Vegas neighborhood where you feel most comfortable.

Summerlin, Michael Way, The Lakes, and Blue Diamond are only a few of the neighborhood choices in Las Vegas. Areas like Downtown, the heart of Las Vegas, Henderson, Primm and North Las Vegas make up the majority of the city, where people flock, and no one seems to sleep. It may not look like a senior-friendly destination, but retirees looking to fill their lives with fun may enjoy living in this part of town. Each person has the option of choosing the best area for them where they can lead the life they desire most.

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