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Las Vegas Hospice Care

For Las Vegas seniors the end of life is a stressful period of worry and emotional stress; what they need is a service that will help them medically and emotionally, while helping loved ones during the period immediately leading to the end of life.

Hospice care will ensure that seniors experience the best quality of life possible during this time. A team of professionals will make you comfortable, provide pain relief treatment and see to it that you and your loved ones are emotionally supported throughout the process.

Hospice care will be provided wherever you need it. While a common misconception is that hospice care is located in a specific facility, this is far from true.

Hospice care service providers will come to your home, senior assisted living community or hospital setting. If you’ve been told to start thinking about hospice care, keep reading to learn about who provides hospice care in Las Vegas, who is on the hospice care team, and how you will pay for the hospice service that you need.

The Las Vegas Hospice Care Team

Hospice care service is supplied by a team of dedicated professionals who are dedicated to making the time leading up to your passing as stress-free and painless as possible.

Las Vegas hospice care is led by your hospice care physician; he’ll instruct the medical members of your team in the best treatment to relieve your physical discomfort. The doctor will determine the appropriate medications and therapies to keep you as lucid and communicative as you can be.

The nurses on your team will not only follow the doctor’s instructions, but also monitor your vital signs, manage dressings, treat conditions like bedsores, and maintain IVs and oxygen if needed.

Counselors and social workers will provide emotional support and important information regarding what to expect in the days to come. Your family will be counseled for grief and guided in the decision-making process if emotional distress has made decision making difficult.

Homemaker and home health aides are the helping hands that will relieve your loved ones of many chores and routine tasks that would otherwise prevent them from spending time by your side.

Finding Good Las Vegas Hospice Care

There are many resources you can use to find the best hospice care for your needs in Las Vegas. is a brilliant source of information for Las Vegas seniors. Visit to discover a comprehensive directory of customer-rated hospice and in-home care providers in and around Las Vegas.

Visit the Hospice and Palliative Care Association of California and Nevada to find a directory of hospice care services in and around Las Vegas.

Veterans should check out the VA website to see what VA health care system providers they can use.

Paying for Las Vegas Hospice 

Medicare Part A will cover hospice care services for Las Vegas seniors, and eligible veterans will be provided hospice care through the Veteran’s Administration health care system.

Low-income seniors can find providers that charge according to a sliding scale, making hospice care something almost everyone who needs accessible.

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