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Las Vegas End-of-Life Care

Hospice care provides patients nearing the end of their life with both medical and emotional care. Hospice also takes care of the patient’s family and provides them with support and grief counseling during this time. You can receive hospice care in your home. Or, many facilities like nursing homes or assisted living facilities offer hospice care. With hospice, you will have a team of caregivers that can include your doctor, nurses, nursing assistants, social workers, therapists, and several counselors to take care of all your needs.

Hospice has shown to improve the quality of life for many patients by providing the proper palliative care and looking after the mental and emotional toll death can take. Numerous studies, including one by the National Association for Home Care and Hospice, have shown that hospice decreases depression, pain, and in some cases, lengthens the life of the patient.

Looking For A Hospice Agency

It matters a lot what agency you decide to use so make sure you do some research and find the right provider. In Nevada, hospice care agencies must be registered and licensed with the Department of Health and Human Services. Licensing ensures that all providers are following safety procedures and providing the best care possible. CHAP or Community Health Accreditation Partner, an independent review board, has a list of accredited providers on their website.

Beyond the laws and regulations of hospice care, you should find an agency that has a good track record. They need to provide a high quality of care, be compassionate, and coordinate all the various forms of care. Your doctor can be a useful resource, and you can get referrals from friends or relatives as well. If you want to look online for reviews, this could be helpful when you want to reach your decision.

Cost Of Care And Payment Options

The cost of hospice care tends to be higher than other types of long-term care because there are mores services and people involved in the process. Depending on your location and the kind of care you need, the average daily cost of hospice can range from $102 to $160.

You do have more options when it comes to paying for hospice care which can make it easier to afford. If you are a Part A policyholder with Medicare, you can get coverage for almost 100% of your care costs with a small copay for medication. Medicaid seniors can use their benefits to cover hospice and veterans, and their family can use TRICARE. Many private insurance companies cover hospice care too.

Even if none of these options work for you, talk with the hospice care agency because they might be able to work with you. They can set up a payment plan that works with your budget or use a sliding scale rate. Some agencies also have charitable care services where you might not need to pay at all.

Hospice Care In Las Vegas

Las Vegas has a variety of options for hospice care. Nursing homes and assisted living facilities like Las Vegas Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center, Atria Sutton, and The Wentworth of Las Vegas have hospice available. Alzheimer’s care centers like Pacifica Senior Living Regency MC often have hospice care. Las Vegas also has a few facilities like the Heritage Springs that won the 2017 Best of Senior Living Award from and have hospice care.

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