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Las Vegas Elder Law Attorneys

There are more complex legal issues you will face as a senior. You will face tough decisions on complicated issues such as insurance, housing, estate planning, and retirement benefits. In addition to these matters, you will need to make sure your family knows your final wishes and have the most current will. An elder attorney can help guide you through these issues saving you time and a lot of frustration.

Why Should You Consult An Elder Law Attorney

Seniors face complicated issues such Medicaid, Medicare, retirement benefits, senior housing, Social Security, and long-term health care on a regular basis. Each of these issues presents several rules and regulations that need to be considered and followed. Each decision can affect more than one area such as Medicaid affecting a senior’s assets.

Elder attorneys can also use a holistic approach and assist you with the emotional side of this kind of planning. These lawyers are typically familiar with community resources that help seniors and their families and can make recommendations for additional assistance.

Who Should Contact The Attorney

You can call the attorney directly to handle your affairs or for advice on more complex senior issues. However, a senior’s family can also hire the attorney for guardianship or power of attorney if they feel their loved one can no longer handle big decisions or feel there may be some form of elder abuse such as neglect or financial exploitation.

When Do You Need An Attorney

One of the best times to contact an attorney is when you need to update your estate planning or will, which is a good starting point. You can find an experienced attorney knowledgeable about other issues including senior health care, financial well-being, and federal benefits to help reduce stress in the future for your family and caregivers.

In addition to updating your will, other matters may require the assistance of an experienced attorney including:

Insurance and long-term care while your health is still good

Age discrimination in both housing and employment

Elder abuse

Medicaid and VA benefits claims and appeals

Retirement benefits such as Social Security and pension

Not all elder attorneys are familiar with every aspect of senior law, so be sure you know your attorney’s experience in all areas you need help.

Where To Find An Attorney

A great place to start is to ask around for referrals from family, friends, and other acquaintances. Your financial planner, tax advisor, and a general attorney may also be able to provide you a few local recommendations. There are also search functions on national affiliation websites including National Academy of Elder Law AttorneysNational Elder Law Foundation, or Super Lawyers. The State Bar of Nevada also lets you search a directory of lawyers, and you can search by elder law. Be sure to also ask each attorney about his or her affiliations and experience.

You can also find pro bono legal services or reduced legal fees through the State Bar of Nevada. You can submit a request for a lawyer to contact you that specializes in your area of need.

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