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Las Vegas Alzheimer’s Care

Memory care is about much more than simply making sure patients with Alzheimer’s are cared for properly. It is about making them feel safe and providing a way to work toward increasing their cognitive function whenever possible. Alzheimer’s care in Las Vegas can be provided in a professional capacity, or from a family caregiver. There are various support groups and offerings available to make the transition into this new phase of life less frightening for all involved.

Eight Facts About Alzheimer’s in Las Vegas

The Desert Southwest Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association offers various Southern Nevada support groups.

The Alzheimer’s Association office is located on South Valley View Boulevard.

Over 40,000 people suffer each year from Alzheimer’s in Nevada.

The number of people with Alzheimer’s is expected to increase 19.5% between 2016 and 2020.

A 130% increase of Alzheimer’s-related deaths has been seen in Nevada since 2000.

There were 448 deaths in the state in 2013.

Medicaid spent $177 million paying for Alzheimer’s care costs in 2016 alone.

$1,990,000,000 worth of care went unpaid in 2015.

What Qualifies as Alzheimer’s Care?

Alzheimer’s care, also known as memory care, comes in various stages. Any type of care for a person suffering from a mental deficit is qualified under this category. This typically includes care at a long-term facility, providing a comfortable place to sleep, daily meals, medication management, social activities, and physical therapy programs. Each person’s quality of life is kept in mind, with various offerings to meet their needs.

Those that do not receive care in a facility can receive what they need at home. Either a family caregiver can offer assistance, or a professional can come in to provide the services needed. A home health aide often handles physical therapy, bathing, dressing, and even helps the resident eat if he or she struggles to do it on their own.

An adult day care is an additional option. While the people there do offer typical nursing care, the objective is to provide social activities for everyone to participate in. This gets people up and moving, and allows them to stay active and social. It is a great way to get people out of the funk that suffering from a disease puts many in. There are usually daily planned activities, such as exercise, card games, and even time outdoors.

What Are the Costs of Alzheimer’s Care in Las Vegas?

The costs of Alzheimer’s care in Las Vegas is expensive, reaching higher than the average in the U.S. Las Vegas residents can expect to pay upwards of $95,000 annually if they need to stay in a private nursing home room. This is a few thousand dollars more than the median price. A single-occupancy assisted living facility that offers monthly rates is a cheaper alternative, but it will still run about $36,000 per year at the median rate for those who choose to live there.

Adult day health care is an even cheaper alternative. It averages about $68 per day in Las Vegas. This can still add up to a lot if a person is using the services every single day, but will not be too extensive if it is utilized only occasionally.

Finding a Way to Pay for Las Vegas Alzheimer’s Care

Paying for quality care is a necessary part of having Alzheimer’s for anyone that wants the best possible care there is. Without paying these fees, the person already suffering from this debilitating disease will suffer even further. There are various ways people can find to pay for Las Vegas Alzheimer’s care that will not completely break the bank.

Finding Funding

There are funding options available that will take some of the burdens of the cost away from the patient and their family. Utilizing a long-term care policy is one of the best options. Seniors should take out a policy of this nature as soon as possible so they know they are covered should any serious diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, ever plague them. It is best to speak with an agent to discuss all possible options and amounts to cover the most care costs.

Medicaid is a secondary option if a long-term care policy is not in effect, and the patient does not have the income to afford this type of policy plan. It is strictly for those with a low income who require the extra assistance from state funding. A home and car are not typically counted against being able to qualify for Medicaid, so that is not something to worry about.

Choosing the Right Room Option

Just because private rooms offer more privacy, does not mean it is the right type of room to get. It may seem like the best option, but it is actually the most expensive. Those who cannot afford a private room will have to consider sharing with a roommate. This saves a great deal of money and could be the deal breaker for someone being able to afford or not afford to live in a nursing facility. A semi-private room still offers a separate bedroom area so privacy is possible. The remainder of the living quarters is just shared.

It is wise to visit various Alzheimer’s care or memory care facilities in the Las Vegas area to find a location that offers various room options. The more variety of rooms available, the more choice a person has in selecting a price that is right for them. The same can be said for the other amenities offered. A location that offers plenty of features and amenities is going to be costlier than a smaller facility with basic activities offered. The amenities may seem nice, but they are not always worth the price. It is also wise to find a facility that offers all-inclusive packages. This allows residents to receive a room, regular care, participate in activities, and have the ability to utilize on-site special rooms and offerings.

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