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Las Vegas 55+ Communities

The children have moved out, and you’ve finally achieved retirement. No more daily commute and no more school run, your time is finally your own.  What do you do now?

You have a family home that is much larger than you need and all the maintenance, chores, and expenses that go along with it.  Many retirees decide that they will use their newfound freedom to simplify their lives.

Instead of spending your golden years rattling around a large empty home, and exerting themselves with housekeeping chores and landscaping, why not look into a 55+ community?

Also known as senior assisted living communities, retirement homes, and senior living centers, they offer retirees the option to live in a community where many routine chores are taken care of for them.

Las Vegas is home to many fantastic retirement communities with beautiful accommodations and luxurious amenities.  You can enjoy housekeeping services, indoor pools, and even onsite pubs in some places.  

Atria Sutton is an independent and assisted living community in Las Vegas that is conveniently located near the Las Vegas strip and the fine dining, shopping and entertainment that Las Vegas has to offer.  Additionally, you’ll be close to three major hospitals; you’ll never miss an appointment.

Heritage Springs will provide you with a comprehensive range of services focused on keeping you as independent as possible.  They pride themselves on offering a supportive environment that is focused on the dignity and privacy of Heritage Springs residents.  

What Does a Las Vegas Senior Community Cost in Las Vegas?

The rates for independent living retirement communities in Las Vegas are somewhat higher than the local rental rates.  Furthermore, the rates you’ll pay depending on a variety of factors such as the size of the residence, the services that are provided, and the amenities that the community offers.

Senior living community rents will range from $650 to $2000 per month for a senior community that offers the most common amenities and services to some pretty luxurious accommodations.

How Will You Pay for a 55+ Community in Las Vegas?

If you’re an able- bodied senior, you can expect to pay the bulk of your senior living community expenses out of your own assets.  Long-term care insurance, Medicaid, and similar programs can’t be counted on to cover the cost of a 55+ community.

Homeowners can take advantage of the opportunity to rent or sell their homes to augment their retirement assets.  The money realized from a sale, in addition to your other retirement funds and social security, will go a long way to covering the cost of a retirement community.

Things to Look for in a Las Vegas Retirement Community

Las Vegas is one of the premier tourist destinations in the United States.  Any retirement community you’ll research in this city has the advantage of access to all the great things that Las Vegas has to offer.  However, what about the amenities you can find closer to home?

Las Vegas senior living residences provide many different services and amenities that can make retirement a fun and interesting time of life.  The first thing you should do is decide what facilities and services are most important to you.

Make a detailed list of what things would make your day fun and keep you occupied.  Many senior communities offer pools, barber and beauty services on-site, libraries, and game rooms.  There are opportunities for continuing education and exercise classes as well in some communities.

The Essentials of Senior Community Living in Las Vegas

As you research potential senior living residences in Las Vegas, you need to check for certain basic services and what services aren’t included in your monthly rent.  

Internet and cable TV service are important for communication and entertainment; check to see if there is discounted pricing or included service in your potential 55+ community.  Utilities can eat up a lot of your monthly budget; ask if any utility costs are included in your monthly rent.

Housekeeping and free transportation are important and essential services; make sure that the community bus or van is a late model and well-maintained vehicle.  Ask current residents what they think of the quality of housekeeping and meals.

That Special Something

Many senior living communities offer that special something; an amenity or service that you haven’t found somewhere else.  It could be the state-of-the-art fitness facility, art classes, or simply a great onsite barber shop or beauty parlor.

Find out what special service or facility a senior residential community has that will make a difference in your quality of life.  Make sure to speak with several long-time residents and find out what they find most enjoyable about living there.

Living in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is famous for the Las Vegas Strip and fabulous shows, exciting casinos and warm climate.  Transportation is easy to access and the roads are easily navigable.  The constant flow of tourists from all over the world means that you’ll meet interesting people whenever you go out on the town.

The dry, hot climate is easy on your car; your vehicle will last a lot longer in Las Vegas than if it was used in the hard Northeastern climate.  

Your Later Years in Las Vegas

Our faculties and physical abilities will decline with the passing years.  When you choose a retirement community, you need to consider your changing medical and assisted living needs over time.  While an independent living community can be an exciting resort-style experience, will you need to move again when if assisted living and onsite medical care become necessary?

Consider all that the passing years will bring you.  Plan ahead for any needs you know you’ll likely require as you enter your final years.

Brookdale Cheyenne is a wonderful senior residence community in Las Vegas that offers independent and assisted living in a delightful environment with delightful native landscaping.

Montara Meadows is a welcoming community for the independent senior citizen.  Enjoy the fun games room, the relaxing library, and the spacious, well-appointed community areas.

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