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Things to Do in Laredo

The Hispanic and Latino cultures play a significant role in the city of Laredo and its many attractions. Nicknamed the Gateway City because it sits close to the Rio Grande between Texas and Mexico, this town features historical, artistic, and picturesque views from all angles. You can find plenty to keep you busy on any given day.

Appreciate Artistic Views

If you want to take in the views of beautiful artwork around the city, the Laredo Center for the Arts is the place to go. There is even a workshop if you want to learn how to turn recycled materials into artwork. The museum remains closed on Sundays and Mondays throughout the year but is open to the public Tuesday through Saturday.

Revisit Historical Hotspots

You can learn more about the city’s history by visiting the museums in the area. They showcase pieces and designs from hundreds of years ago. The Republic of the Rio Grande Museum sits in the downtown San Augustine historical district. The Webb County Heritage Foundation is another place to check out, as they can offer further insight into the historical hotspots in Laredo. Their goal is to preserve as many sites as possible while keeping the integrity of the town.

Explore the Outdoor Scenery

Ready to spend time outside? Plenty of outdoor attractions exist in Laredo to give you the breath of fresh air you need. Lake Casa Blanca International State Park is one of the best options in the city. Enjoy water skiing, sports courts, trails, a picnic, swimming, or fishing. The park opens bright and early at 7 am and remains available until 10 at night.

Experience Sports

While Laredo once had the Bucks as a professional sports team, there are no longer any options available in the city. If you have a hankering to watch nearby, you can attend high school games or watch one of the resident sports leagues in the city. The Mustangs play basketball in Laredo, while a powerlifting event takes place as well.

Stay Entertained at the Local Fair

The Laredo International Fair & Exposition works to promote areas of home economics, industrial trades, horticulture, and agriculture. You can participate in exhibits if you sign up and get approved, or you can attend the fair and check out what others have to offer. The fair takes place each year around February and March. Enjoy some food while you explore and take in the sights around you.

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