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Medicare in Laredo

Medicare helps thousands of seniors each year gain access to health services and facilities like nursing homes and assisted living. In Webb County, 26,912 citizens rely on Medicare, and many of them are the elderly. If you have questions about Medicare or need to find services and providers for a loved one on Medicare, you can learn more through local offices and online resources.

What Is Covered By Medicare?

If you’re a senior 65 or older, you are eligible for Medicare. Other individuals with disabilities might also qualify for this federally funded program. Medicare has four parts that cover many health services.

Part A covers hospital stays, skilled nursing facilities, hospice care, and some home health care needs.

Part B covers outpatient care, doctor’s visits, preventative services, and medical supplies as needed.

Part C often called the Medicare Advantage Plan, let’s private insurance companies cover Part A and B needs. Those companies then offer a prescription coverage plan.

Part D is for Original Medicare recipients and is an additional prescription coverage plan.

Medicare Stats in Webb County

Medicare recipients in Webb County are an average of 71 years old.

The top three services Medicare covers for the county are inpatient care, home health care, and evaluation and management.

Compared to national averages, Medicare spends the most per user on ambulances and home health care.

High blood pressure is the most prevalent condition in Webb County.

Per capita costs in Webb County are $11,196, which is much greater than the national per capita cost of $9,501.

Laredo Medicare Offices

The Center for Medicare Services puts each state into a different region. Texas is a part of Region 6 and Dallas is the home of the regional office. For more local assistance, you can go to the nearest Social Security Office. While this office can handle all your Social Security questions, they can also take care of Medicare needs like applying for benefits or getting a new card.

Laredo Social Security Office

215 Calle Del Norte

Laredo, TX 78041

(866) 704-4857

This office is near Mall del Norte, and they are open Monday through Friday. Their regular hours are 9 am to 4 pm, but they close at noon on Wednesday. If you want to avoid a long wait time, call ahead and schedule an appointment.

Laredo Medicare Providers

If you’re trying to find Medicare providers or doctors in your area, you can use Physician Compare. This tool allows you to search for particular practices or physicians, such as geriatric medicine. In Laredo, six group practices offer geriatric specialties. You can widen your search by looking for other specialties. Each entry in Physician Compare also lets you see information like an address for their location, hospital privileges, and board certifications. You can also see what type of Medicare they accept

Nursing Home Compare is another search tool that helps you find facilities in the area. Near Laredo, five nursing homes accept Medicare. You can compare up to three facilities at a time and see things like their overall rating and health inspections. also has search tools to locate home health services, medical items, dialysis centers, and more.

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