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Medicaid in Laredo

Medicaid is an essential program for many Texas seniors. Medicaid ensures that all seniors will have access to critical medical care; regardless of financial status. The majority of Texas nursing home residents are enjoying the peace of mind that comes with knowing their medical bills are being covered.

Medicaid will help seniors access in-home care, adult day programs, and provide needed assistance with transportation to and from medical appointments. At the end of a long and fulfilling life, your Medicaid benefits will cover the costs associated with hospice care if it’s needed.

Laredo seniors who qualify for Medicaid, or think they may qualify later on should continue reading to learn about accessing Medicaid services in and around the Laredo area.

Qualifying for Medicaid in Laredo

The Medicaid program is intended for seniors aged 65 and over and:

Individuals with a disability that will likely last more than a year

People who are categorized as low-income

Anyone who will need more than 30 days of continuous care

You can also qualify for Medicaid even if you own a home since Medicaid will not factor this into your eligibility. Medicaid will also come to the rescue if you’re short on cash and don’t own any other valuable assets.

Assistance with Your Laredo Medicaid Application

Applying for any government administered program can be a confusing process for seniors who have had little experience dealing with social services offices. Fortunately, if you have trouble filling in the online application at the portal there are offices that you can contact for valuable assistance. Use this handy search wizard to find the office nearest to you.

If you’re not comfortable using online resources you can call 877-541-7905 and speak to a Health and Human Services Commission representative who will gladly guide you through the process. Seniors who are speech or hearing disabilities can call 211 or 711 for assistance appropriate to their disability.

The online search wizard is still the best way to find the closest location to your residence by simply entering your zip code.

What Does Laredo Medicaid Cover?

The Medicaid program will cover the cost of care associated with a wide range of essential services for seniors and the disabled. Standard Medicaid coverage will take care of medical and dental visits, the cost of medical tests and examinations such as:

Necessary x-rays

Diagnostic blood tests

MRI and CAT scans

Eligible seniors will also have services like adult day programs and rehabilitation services taken care of. Eligible Texas seniors taking advantage of Medicaid will have home health aides and other in-home services covered by the program.

Transportation to Medical Appointments

Laredo area Medicaid clients can have their transportation to and from medical appointments covered by Medicaid. In Texas, Medicaid recipients can call the Medical Transportation office at this toll-free number: 855-687-3255 in advance to schedule a ride.

There is also the Individual Travel Participant program that will reimburse a driver you hire to provide round-trip transportation to your appointments.

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