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Laredo Senior Centers

Laredo offers plenty of choices for seniors to stay active and socialize. Various centers and groups exist that focus on games, classes, exercise routines, stage performances, social gatherings, and more. No matter which activity you want to find, a senior center nearby will have the option you desire.

Card and Board Games

Many senior centers offer various versions of games for older adults to play together. Card and board games are the most commonly provided, as they are the easiest to play and manage. Anyone who joins in can sit down and relax for a simple game with friends. Catholic Social Services offers a senior program where you can go to play games like these and more. Visit it at 1701 Main Street.

Classes and Courses

If you want to take some classes and learn new things, look into the senior center options provided. Many offer some sort of choices to keep your time occupied, such as computer courses, cooking, gardening, or art.

Exercise Routines

Exercise is important as you age, so it is imperative that you find a location that allows you to get the fitness time in that you need. Keep your strength and stamina up by using the treadmill, elliptical, free weights, and bikes at the Catholic Social Services senior group club. You can also head to a local pool for some swimming exercises or take a walk around the community to work out your legs.

Stage Performances

The Fine and Performing Arts Center allows citizens of the area to take courses. Learn how to act or stand on stage or simply watch others in action so you can be up close to the drama. There are regular workshops held that you can look into attending if it is something you desire. Be sure to speak with your senior center advisor to see if there are opportunities for singing, dancing, or performing that you can try.

Social Gatherings

Being social means taking the time to meet up with other people. Whether you just sit around chatting or go and do something adventurous, you are still putting yourself out there. Try joining a meetup group that gets together regularly. It will help you make some friends and come out of your shell. There are plenty of options in Laredo, like a single senior group.


Senior Circle provides opportunities for older adults over the age of 50 to stay active and enjoy life. Regular gatherings take place to allow citizens in the area the chance to get together. Pay $15 a year, and you earn a membership into the club, which also provides you with occasional travel options. The Senior Circle operates out of Laredo Medical Center. You can speak with an advisor about the national travel program and see which possibilities are out there. You may stay local or head out on special trips to faraway places. Discuss the options and costs, so you know what to expect when it’s time to head out.

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