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Laredo Respite Care and Adult Day Care

When it comes time for an elderly family member to move into a nursing home, many families make the decision not to have them make the transition. Instead, one family member may become the sole caregiver to keep their loved one in their own house. This decision usually works fine as long as there are no other responsibilities to handle. Those that work will need to find a day center that allows their family member to stay for the day. Laredo offers several adult day care options, as well as respite care for shorter stays.

Offered Amenities at Adult Day Care

There are numerous offered amenities at adult day care. There are usually a variety of activities set up in various rooms, including games, educational activities, physical fitness, and art. A certain location may also offer different choices at different times of the day only, such as art in the afternoons and fitness in the mornings.

Nurses are also available to do health checks on each person. They may check vital signs or simply monitor every individual to ensure they are doing fine throughout the day. This service is ideal, as it ensures the caregiver knows their loved one is fully taken care of as needed.

Public transportation usually gets provided as well. The group does not always have to stay at the same location each day, completing the same activities. They sometimes take field trips to nearby sites, such as museums, or even the store. It allows every person the opportunity to get out for a bit and enjoy a mini trip that may not likely get to experience often.

Providing Respite Care in Laredo

Laredo is home to several adult day care and respite care facilities. They include:

Las Flores Adult Day Care - 2502 Travis Ct; (956) 718-2810;

De Lujo Adult Day Care Ltd. - 1205 E Hillside Rd; (956) 724-8510; Open 7 am to 5 pm

Esmeralda’s Adult Daycare Inc- 1320 Lafayette St; (956) 728-7598

Bravo Adult Day Care - 6508 Bartlett Ave # A; (956) 722-0159

Daily Adult Day Care Center - 709 Alta Vista Dr # 107; (956) 725-5800

Buenos Dias Adult Day Care - 1110 Cedar Ave; (956) 753-9090

Laredo Caring Hearts Adult Day; 205 W Village Blvd #1; (956) 796-9991

Paying the Costs of Adult Day Care

It can be difficult for many to pay the costs of adult day care. This service usually gets offered on a day-to-day basis, so there are not often deals offered for weekly care or monthly services. You will be responsible for paying the balance for each day your loved one attends the daycare center.

The median range for care in Laredo is significantly lower than the normal average in Texas. It costs around $26 per day to have your loved one stay in an adult day care center in Laredo. The average of Texas is $35. Both of these prices should be affordable, as long as you are not in need of services on a daily basis. The daily need would skyrocket these totals into the thousands by year’s end.

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