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Laredo Rehab Centers

Need short-term care after an illness, surgery, heart attack, stroke, or injury? Nursing homes provide care to help you transition back.  Nearly one-third of nursing home residents are short-term residents for rehab.  Nursing homes provide the needed therapy for extended care if you require daily assistance to regain your strength.  If your doctor orders you to enter rehab after your illness or injury, here are some guidelines to help you in your search and also some references to make sure Medicare covers your stay.

What Happens in Rehab

The primary goal of going to rehab is to get you strong enough to return to your home safely.  Whether the services are called short-term, transitional, or post-acute rehab, they are all the same.  First, you will need to get your current medical condition evaluated.  The facility will then work with you to create your daily plan to get you back home.

Based on your needs, plans will vary.  For instance, a stroke patient may require speech therapy and treatments for balance and muscle use. If patients have a knee or hip replaced, the focus will be on gaining motion, use, ability, and pain management after the operation. Rehab patients will have regular access to these services either daily or multiple days a week depending on what the doctor prescribes and when the needed therapists are available.

Starting Your Rehab Search

There are several nursing homes and assisted living facilities in the Laredo and surrounding areas that provide rehab services. Here are some options listed on

Regent Care Center of Laredo offers an experienced rehabilitation staff of licensed, skilled therapists for physical, occupational, and speech therapy.  

Retama Manor Nursing Center provides short-term rehab care with skilled nursing care. Patients received an individualized plan of physical, occupational, speech, and respiratory care to regain independence and transition home safely.

Briarcliff Nursing and Rehabilitation Center is in McAllen but has won awards from the American Health Care Association. Briarcliff will help your transition home go smoothly and quickly with needed therapies and care.

Your physician, surgeon, or other medical professional may have suggestions and recommendations on where you should go for the best care.  Be sure to ask around for referrals and look at online reviews.

What to Look for in a Rehab Facility

Word of mouth is the best advice you can get because someone has been there. You want a clean facility that has a good record with all the state inspections.  Be sure that the facility accepts Medicare and is Medicaid certified to help pay for this care.

How to Pay for This Care

Medicare will cover skilled nursing care if:

You have Medicare Part A coverage.  There should also be days available within this benefit period.

You were admitted to the hospital for at least three consecutive days for a medical condition that requires rehab services for recovery.

You receive doctor’s orders for the need of rehab services.

To help ensure coverage, you will need a rehab facility that accepts Medicare. Your doctor may prescribe some services not eligible under insurance, so be sure to ask questions before receiving treatment.  You can also look into long-term care insurance or Medicaid, if you don’t qualify for Medicare.

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