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Laredo Nursing Homes

The Gateway City is home to numerous nursing homes able to give seniors a care-free life. With all the amenities and features offered, most places in Laredo have an enjoyable atmosphere for older adults to enjoy among friends. You can join in on activities, sit and socialize in the main room, or stay in your place alone for some quiet time. Not all facilities are made quite the same, though, meaning you will have to put some thought into which location you choose to reside. Here’s an overview of the options in Laredo that can help you make your decision.

Details Regarding Laredo Nursing Homes

According to sources Genworth Cost of Care Survey Texas and Texas Health and Human Services:

The maximum daily rate for a private room reaches $200.

Laredo has lower cost-of-care prices than the rest of the United States.

Texas nursing homes must meet the minimum licensing standards to operate.

A semi-private room in Laredo costs $4,140 per month on average.

More than 15,000 nursing homes provide care nationally, with thousands of options in Texas alone.

Typical Care Period

Not everyone stays in a nursing home for the same amount of time. Some remain in the home for years while others only require a few months of a stay. The average care period is highly dependent on the services needed. A person in need of physical therapy for a few short weeks can remain in the short-term care facility of the establishment, while a long-term resident can have a private room filled with their belongings.

Women stay longer than men in most instances. In part, this is because women often live longer. It is not always the case, but it is a general statistic found. Women stay in nursing homes an average of 2.6 years while men stay for 2.3 years.

Many people only stay in a skilled nursing facility for a few weeks or month tops. They require daily physical therapy, making it easier to remain in the home, but can handle many tasks alone. Once treatment finishes, the patient is free to head back and return to normal life.

Services Offered

Medication management, well-checks, and wound care are just a few of the medical-related services provided by nursing home staff. They want to be sure you are well taken care of and remain as healthy as possible. Many staff work with area doctors to get you seen as quickly as possible as soon as a problem arises, even if it is something as simple as having a high temperature.

Personal care is available as well. You are encouraged to try your best to eat, bathe, use the restroom, and get dressed. There are grab bars in the bathroom to help you get up, and other aids throughout the facility to help you complete tasks alone. If you still struggle, nurses offer personal care services so you can get things accomplished with help.

Many facilities have a therapy room on-site that allows you to get the exercise and movement you need to stay mobile. The more you lay around and do not use your legs, the faster they will become weak and unusable. You are encouraged to stay active and at least take regular walks around the grounds so you can stay as mobile and independent as possible.

Your doctor may indicate a particular meal plan he wants you to follow. A nursing home caters to these needs and creates individualized meal plans when necessary. If you do not have a particular plan to use, you can choose from whatever is on the menu. Healthy meal choices always get offered. You typically eat in the dining hall with all the other residents. It allows you to socialize and sit with others and not remain cooped up in your room eating alone.

Determining the Costs

The prices vary considerably depending on the services utilized, the size of the facility, and type of room chosen. It will cost more to have a private room than it will to rent a semi-private suite you share with someone else. In a semi-private situation, you get a personal bedroom area but share the living space with another person. You save thousands on the price, though, making it worthwhile for many people. You can expect to pay an average price of $59,678 for a private suite. The shared option only costs $50,370 per year.

You need to figure out how much your insurance will pay and what will get left over for out-of-pocket expenses. If you have Medicaid, a significant portion may get covered. Medicare also helps pay for a substantial part of the cost as long as you have a long-term plan and benefits left in the current benefit period. To have your fees paid by either of these options, you must find a Medicare and Medicaid-certified facility that accepts the payments.

Finding the Right Nursing Home for You

The journey of finding the right nursing home is a long one. Speak with your neighbors and friends to discover if they have any suggestions. You can take their recommendations to heart and visit the facilities they mention to see if they are as good a fit for you as they were for them or their loved ones.

A home that is well-staffed with friendly people should be one of your first considerations. You want to feel comfortable at the location. It should also be clean, so your health is not compromised. A facility with a full menu ensures you have a variety of options to eat each day, while a game room and other activity rooms allow you to participate in unique events and hobbies.

The South Texas Development Council provides additional suggestions for homes to stay at in the area. Speak with a representative to hear their take on the best places nearby. You can visit a senior center to ask around or simply call the Area Agency on Aging at 1 (800) 292-5426 to get your answers.

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