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Laredo Estate Sales

The things we keep and collect have emotional ties for us, and when a loved one dies or makes a move to a nursing home, it can be challenging to sift through those things and emotions. You might be the one who must decide what to keep and what to sell or donate, and that can be a stressful situation. You might also have disagreements among family members about what to do.

In addition to those burdens, there might be a lot to sort through. In 2014, the LA Times wrote a piece that estimated the average US home has about 300,000 items. That is a high number, but it could be even more if your relative collected things or never threw anything away. The assistance of a good estate sale company can make this entire process easier. You decide what you want to keep and they will handle the rest.

The Estate Sale Process

The benefit of an estate sale professional is they will strive to get you the most money for as many of your items as possible. An estate sale usually always starts with an initial consultation; you can read more about the process on the website for Professional Estate Sales. The meeting will give the professional, often a certified appraiser, a chance to price your items based on their worth and what they know about the local market.

After pricing your things, it’s time to set up for the sale. You will take the things you want to keep out of the house, and then the company will clean and organize. They will also arrange your items in appealing displays to encourage customers. Before the sale starts, they will also advertise your sale to bring in a good-sized crowd.

The day of the sale will be busy, and employees from the company will take care of everything. They will be there to handle transactions, answer any questions, and oversee security. If there is an auction planned, they will handle those procedures. It’s your choice to stay on the premises during the sale or not.

The sale will usually wrap up after a day or two, and the estate sale company will help you decide what to do with anything that didn’t sell. Often, they will have connections with local charities where you can donate your stuff. The executor of the estate will also have a meeting with the company to go over the sales and write a check for your portion. You can expect this part of the estate sale to take a few days.

Estate Sale Company Costs

When you have an initial consultation with a business, they might charge by the hour or offer this service for free. Usually, companies will take about 35% of the sales, but that number could vary. There are also extra cleaning fees for houses that are messy or cluttered, and there might be charges for selling many things. You can learn more about various costs from Winding Road Estate Sales.

How to Find an Estate Sale Company

You can find suggestions from your local attorney or friends and neighbors who’ve had estate sales. If you read online reviews, ensure they are from clients and not shoppers. The BBB of South Texas doesn’t have any listings for Laredo, but there are plenty of businesses in the area that serve the city. Choose companies with a certification from the American Society of Appraisers or the International Society of Appraisers. Also, go over and sign a contract before any work begins.

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