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Laredo Assisted Living

Moving to any new place is always scary. Moving to an assisted living facility is even scarier, as seniors have to leave their lifelong homes behind and instead reside in an establishment with others residents and nurses nearby 24/7. The transition can be extremely overwhelming and difficult to manage, particularly for those people who are handling it alone. By looking into several options beforehand, you can be sure you are switching to a place where you feel comfortable. Ask questions, take a tour, and settle into a home you love. There are plenty of options around Laredo and surrounding areas.

Prices of Assisted Living in Laredo

You always need to look at the prices of assisted living before making your move. The costs are high to move to a location like this, with the yearly price totaling $43,200 for the average U.S. city. Laredo residents can be happy to see that their prices fall much lower. The median price per year is only $21,600 for a one-bedroom. The monthly cost equates to $1,800 per month, much more affordable than most homeowners pay for their mortgage and other bills combined.

There is only one main assisted living location tied to SeniorAdvisor in Laredo. The Regent Care Center of Laredo offers elegant surroundings and an individualized care plan for each resident. Other options nearby, such as Argent Court in Jourdanton, provide an alternative solution. Both choices have their appeal, but each costs a different amount than the other. It is best to look into all possibilities and see what they offer before settling on the final option.

What to Expect from Laredo Assisted Living

Each assisted living facility provides different features and amenities. While one might offer a pet-friendly environment, another could be pet-free. If you have a companion animal you want to bring along on your move, finding a pet-friendly place is your only option. Always ask these important questions when you take your tour, so you know what you’re getting when you arrive.

You can usually expect the same type of environment no matter what location you choose in Laredo. You will have a single occupancy room to stay in that you can decorate how you see fit. All residents dine in the dining hall for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, although you can choose to eat alone if you wish. There are daily activities to participate in, some of which are mandatory and others you can choose for yourself. You get to meet new people and make some friends, all while having nurses on staff who can assist you whenever necessary.

Locating Assisted Living Locations in Laredo

Do not focus entirely on the cost of living in Laredo. You also need to consider the area where you want to live, the amenities you want access to, and what type of facility overall you feel comfortable living in for the remainder of your life. It is best to choose a location that makes you feel at home rather than feel like you’re staying in a hotel you can never leave.

Start by asking your friends and family for advice. Do they know anyone who moved to an assisted living facility nearby? Does that person enjoy living there, or do they have complaints? Asking these questions will help you narrow down your choices.

Head online to look into reviews from past and present residents and their family members. Many people have no problem writing online assessments of the positives and negatives of a facility. You can see which locations have low ratings and a lot of negative feedback, and which options are well-rated and well-liked.

Paying for Laredo Assisted Living

Many seniors struggle to pay for assisted living out of their own pockets. The costs are much too high to afford without alternative options available. Look into various options and see which choices work best for you. Insurance is the first selection.


Insurance allows the people of Laredo to get help paying for high medical costs and long-term care. Instead of handing over cash, your insurance company pays a large portion of the costs. You then get billed for the remainder of the amount. Medicaid is one of the best choices for low-income seniors, as it covers a large percent of the money with often no or little cost to you. You can also apply for Medicare. You have to pay a premium for these services, but you get a lot of coverage back.

Veteran’s Benefits

If you are a veteran, you can look into getting benefits. The compensation you receive can help you pay your assisted living costs. Visit the Veterans Affairs building at 6999 Mcpherson Rd #102 and discuss the application process with a representative. The building stays open from 8 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday. You can call in advance at 956-723-4680 to make sure someone is available to assist you. They may recommend making an appointment.

Selling Your Home or Taking Out a Reverse Mortgage

Even with insurance and benefits, seniors still have to pay some of the expenses of assisted living. By selling your home, you can receive a significant amount of money to put towards your costs. Most houses sell for $178,000 in Laredo. As long as you do not owe a considerable amount still on your mortgage, you can easily pay for a couple years of assisted living with the profits from the sale.

Your other option is to take out a reverse mortgage and use the equity in your home to get the cash you need to pay your expenses. This option works well when you have a spouse remaining in the house, or you are otherwise unwilling to part with your lifelong home.

Consider the costs, amenities, and other features of assisted living and make an informed decision regarding which place you’ll choose to live. Not every community is the best fit for everyone. You need to find a place that feels right to you based on all aspects involved. Use the information herein, as well as your own research, to help make the best decision. Look at SeniorAdvisor to find some of the best options in Laredo.

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