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How to Get Around Laredo Without Driving

Filled with things to do, not having a vehicle makes it difficult for residents to make their way to the many offerings of Laredo. Various transportation services exist that provide transit for anyone in the area that needs it. Utilize one of the many services available to get where you need to go on a daily basis.

El Metro

Laredo had its own busing system. El Metro operates in the city to provide transportation to those who either do not have their own vehicle or do not want to spend an abundance of money driving when they could receive a discounted price on the fare. You can check online for route options. There are roughly 20 routes spread throughout Laredo and surrounding towns.


Greyhound has a bus station available in Laredo. Find it at 610 Salinas Ave. You can use this method if you need to get out of the city for the day and travel a bit farther than just in town. The station operates all day from midnight to 11:59 pm. You can request services online, with an option to choose if you are traveling in a wheelchair. Seniors over the age of 62 also receive a small discount compared to regular prices.

Taxi Services

Plenty of cab companies exist in Laredo. Tops Taxi is one of the most well-rated services. Let them know ahead of time if you have any specific needs, so the right vehicle and driver get sent to your pickup destination. Call (956) 722-1011 to request services. You can also visit the company directly at their address, 3116 San Bernardo Ave.

A C Taxi Services provides another valid choice for transportation. You can call after-hours and get service any time of day. You can call (956) 334-9623 and talk to someone in either English or Spanish, since most employees know both languages to accommodate more residents of the area.

Speciality Senior Transportation Services

Many home health care companies provide transport services to patients. BrightStar Care is one possibility in Laredo. A provider can bring you to an appointment, to get groceries, visit with family, or anywhere else you need to go. He or she can also pick up your prescriptions and run other errands for you if you are not up to going at the time. Most of the time, these services only get offered in conjunction with other personal care services. You may not be able to get assistance unless you utilize the caregiver who is driving you for other purposes. Call 956.712.9988 to discuss your options.

Help Finding the Right Ride

To get help finding the right ride, look into all possible resources in your city. Medicaid patients, for example, can get transportation to and from appointments. The Medical Transportation Program allows patients to call at least two days in advance to schedule a ride for their next appointment. This service is for non-emergencies only.

For a list of further resources, look at the Laredo city website. Their transportation page should give you some insight into the available options remaining.

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