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How Much Does Laredo Assisted Living Cost?

The city of Laredo is only the tenth most populous city in all of Texas. This smaller city has a lot to offer, though, especially when it comes to senior living options. There are assisted living locations that allow older adults who need help to get the assistance they require. Facilities like this have a nursing staff available 24/7 to handle daily chores, bathing, medication management, and more. If you need these services, you should consider a Laredo assisted living establishment. Just don’t forget to check into the cost of things before jumping in.

Assisted living offers numerous benefits to those who cannot help themselves. These include:

help with bathing

help with dressing

reminders to take medication, so no doses get missed

transportation to and from therapy and physician appointments

assistance with laundry

help with housekeeping

Facts About Assisted Living in Laredo

There are several assisted living facilities in Laredo.

The Regent Care Center is one of the top options.

If you want to work in an assisted living center in Texas, you have to pass all of the requirements including participating in a program and earning a certificate.

All Texas assisted living institutions must meet the Life Safety Code outlined in the building instructions.

Costs of Laredo Assisted Living

The Genworth Cost of Care Survey puts the median price for Laredo assisted living at $1,800. This amount is far less than the national average, which reaches $3,600 per month. With only $21,600 to pay each year, many people can handle Laredo prices far easier than other cities across the United States. The only catch is that there are not as many options in this town as one would hope. You may have to go just outside the city in nearby towns to find the ideal assisted living location for you. Doing so could mean higher expenses.

If you do find an assisted living facility in Laredo, rest assured that these prices will remain relatively the same over the next few years. In five years time, the rates are only expected to increase by about one percent. This increase is far better than the three and five percent increases many locations are expected to see.

Asking the Right Questions about Assisted Living Costs

Not all assisted living facilities are made the same. If you want to ensure you choose the right one, you need to take a tour of your top choices and ask the administrators the right questions. Find out how much all aspects of the facility cost, including service fees, prices of particular amenities, activities, and more. Finding out this information ensures you know the full scope of what to expect before ever moving to that location.

Ask the facility administrator these questions:

Does it cost extra for more advanced care? Is a continuum of care even offered?

Is there a disclosure form I can look over pertaining to fees and expenses for services?

Do you have every guest sign a yearly lease, or am I free to move out whenever I please?

Do you partner with organizations that offer assistance for payment?

What are your billing and payment policies?

Can I use long-term care insurance to pay for costs?

Do you accept Medicaid or Medicare as payment?

Do you include both meals and snacks in the meal plan, or just the three meals a day?

Does it cost extra if I bring a guest to mealtime?

How much does it cost for housekeeping and laundry services?

Which utilities do I have to pay for myself?

Does it cost extra to have a pet?

What are your additional services and how much do they cost?

There are plenty of questions to ask that will give you a good sense of how much you can expect to pay. Do not skip a question, as you need to know every detail before making your final moving decision. Hidden fees will make your price higher than anticipated, so be sure you know about these fees beforehand so you can budget for them accordingly.

Saving Money on Assisted Living

You do not have to be responsible for the full price of your assisted living costs. Consider alternative options so you can find ways to save money. One possibility is bunking with a roommate. You each get your own bed but you must share the rest of the living space. There is typically a living area and bathroom. With plenty of activity rooms and the main hall for all residents to enjoy, sharing your room is not that big of a deal. You get to have your own bed still, and will only have to pay a portion of the room costs instead of the full amount. It is win-win.

Many facilities offer a sliding pay scale for residents who cannot afford the total amount. If you are considered low-income by the state, you will get to use this scale to determine how much you can afford. This option lowers your monthly payments and saves you money in the long-run.

Affording Assisted Living in Laredo

Insurance is your best bet to afford assisted living in Laredo. You get to have a portion of your costs covered so you only have to pay the remaining amount. Consider Medicaid first, as this low-income option pays a significant amount of the costs. You may not have to pay anything, and if you do it will only cost a small amount. Medicare is another option meant for seniors. If you do not yet qualify or need an alternative solution, look into a long-term care policy through a private insurance company.

Your next best bet is to sell. Sell your belongings. Sell your home. Downsize the things you no longer need so you have the money to pay for your new living situation. You can use the profits from the sale to get a few good years at an assisted living facility in Laredo.

Find assisted living in Laredo near you.