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Financial Assistance for Laredo Seniors

Being a senior can be hard, but if you are finding that you are having a hard time paying bills, there is help available to you for assistance with paying for necessities such as food, housing and maintenance, utilities, social activities, transportation, and more.  Read more to learn about programs in the Laredo area to help you live an active, retired-life that fits your budget.

Food on the Table

Meals on Wheels delivers to more than 300 elderly or disabled individuals in Laredo daily.  A nutritionist ensures all meals are healthy and meet nutrition needs.  Another benefit of the program is to have regular visits and conversations.

Seniors may also qualify for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) to buy groceries at the local supermarket or farmer’s market. This program will also help pay for garden seeds or vegetable plants to grow food. You can apply online or visit a community partner.  If you have any questions, you can call toll free 2-1-1 or 877.754.7905.

Home Necessities, Renovations, and Utilities

Laredo residents struggling to maintain their homes and need home improvements but can’t afford the cost may be eligible for housing rehabilitation loan programs, which are 100 percent forgivable for elderly residents.  The statewide program,  Dallas Ramp Project, helps seniors get their homes wheelchair ready at no cost through the aid of volunteers.

Seniors unable to afford their utility bills should contact the Texas Weatherization Assistance Program to reduce prices or assistance to pay. Texas Comprehensive Energy Assistance program also provides help with utility bills.

To find affordable housing in Laredo, check with the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs.  You can also search for subsidized senior apartments on the US Housing and Urban Development (HUD) website. The Laredo Housing Authority has senior housing options, which also include recreational activities and meals.

There are also other non-profit groups and church programs like Catholic Social Services of Laredo to assist with housing. Senior communities typically offer low-income housing options since this is common for older adults.

Social Time

There are several activities to keep you busy in Laredo, and most of these options cost little or no money.  Various groups provide social programs, benefits assistance, field trips, transportation, and more. For daily activities, seniors can visit Fasken Senior Center. This facility is full of activities such as crafts, exercise, games, dances, and workshops.

The Catholic Social Services of Laredo also has a senior center for adults over 60. The facility provides free daily meals, field trips, exercise, games, activities, and more. The address of this center is 1701 Main Street.

Homebound seniors can find assistance through the South Texas Aging and Disability Resource Center for programs such as companionship and other in-home services. Laredo Medical Center offers Senior Circle to promote wellness to area seniors with events, educational opportunities, and volunteer programs.

There are several groups available to assist you with making the most of your time and budget in the Laredo area.  

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