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Catholic Health Care in Laredo

Laredo offers seniors programs for their health, well-being, and social life.  Did you know that you can find programs that are faith-based with the Catholic Church? Laredo offers Catholic medical facilities, assisted living communities, volunteer opportunities, several Catholic Churches, and nearby Catholic history sites and shrines to see.

Medical and Health Options

Doctors Hospital in Laredo offers care for cancer, emergency services, stroke, surgery, radiology, rehabilitation, cardiovascular, wound care, and women’s services. You can also listen to health podcasts and take classes on weight loss and other wellness issues.

Doctors Hospital knows how important spiritual care is to your healing. You or your family can visit with volunteer priests anytime you wish to talk.  The hospital also has a meditation room.

Nazareth Living Care Center offers residents nursing care and rehabilitation. The Center focuses on all aspects of the patient’s care including mental, physical, and spiritual wellness. The Center is the only Catholic facility in the area.

You can either stay at the Center for a short-term or long-term stay because they offer various levels of care to meet the patient’s changing health needs. You can even choose a private suite if you wish to room alone.

Open Communications

Read regular news updates on the Laredo Diocese News Blog. You can also download a copy of the latest Diocesan Magazine, La Fe. You can even connect on social media.  The Diocese is a great place to learn about Catholic events in your area and find Catholic Churches if you want to attend another Mass or find a social club.

Catholic Senior Social and Devotions

You can attend weekday Mass, Saturday Mass, or one of four Masses on Sunday at San Martin de Porres Catholic Church.  The first Mass is in Spanish.  You can also deepen your faith by getting involved with a ministry such as Prayer and Life Workshop, St. Vincent de Paul, Life in Spirit, or a Stroke Support Group. The Church also offers regular adult education classes.

The Laredo Diocese has a Senior Center Program for those over 60.  This program offers free meals, activities, outings, exercise, and more. Call 956.722.3629 for more information.

St. John Neumann Church offers regular Bible studies, prayer groups, Eucharistic adoration, and other ministries to get you involved with the Church.

See Catholic Shrines

You can visit the Spanish Missions in San Antonio, which also includes the Alamo. Other Missions include Mission San Jose, Mission Espada, and Mission San Juan.  These five Missions are the largest concentration of Catholic Missions in North America. These Missions were built to introduce the natives to Spanish society in the 18th Century.

All Missions still hold Mass except for the Alamo.  There is no charge to enter all of the missions.

San Fernando Cathedral in San Antonio is the oldest Cathedral in the US. The Cathedral is in the exact center of the city.  The name is to honor the King Ferdinand III of Spain.

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