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Social Security for Knoxville Seniors

Acquiring Social Security benefits may seem like a daunting process to some. However, when they locate and utilize the resources at their local office, the process is much easier than they may imagine. The local Social Security office can help a person update their information, replace a card that has become lost or damaged, file a claim, and even apply for benefits.

It is essential to get to know what type of benefits are available to seniors. This will help them know what to do and how to get the benefits they deserve.

Learning where the Social Security Office is located in Knoxville is the first step. Learn more here.

Local SSA Offices in Knoxville

There is one Social Security office that serves the residents of Knoxville, TN. It is located at 8530 Kingston Pike. This office provides everything that is needed to apply for benefits, receive benefits, handle issues or problems with benefits, and more.

Since there is only one office located in Knoxville, some residents find it beneficial to visit a nearby town to get the information they need. There are two more offices located nearby, which include:

Oak Ridge Social Security Office at 565 Oak Ridge Tpke

Jacksboro Social Security Office at 140 Sharp Perkins Rd

Each of these locations provide the services and help needed by those who are trying to acquire information about their benefits, apply for benefits, and file an appeal or dispute.

Options for Seniors Seeking Social Security Benefits

When a person reaches the age of 65, they will be considered retirement age. At this point in their life, they will be able to collect on the full amount of benefits they are entitled to.

For those who plan to retire in the near future, it is a good idea to actually fill out and file the application for these benefits three months prior to discontinuing working. This will provide plenty of time for the person’s situation to be reviewed and for the benefits to begin coming in.

There are a number of programs offered by the SSA for seniors. Each of these target a specific person and understanding what you are eligible for is essential.

Some of the programs that are available for seniors include:

Benefits for aged widows who have reached the age of 60 years.

Benefits for retired workers allows those who have worked a certain amount of time and who is over the age of 65 to receive benefits.

Ticket to Work is a program offered by the SSA that helps seniors get back to work.

SSI benefits are provided to individuals with disabilities and who have a low income.

SSDI are provide for those who have worked for at least five years and over the age of 65. The individual also has to be suffering from a condition that has gone on for more than 12 months.

Available Online Resources for Social Security

When a senior applies for benefits in Knoxville, they will have the ability to complete quite a bit of the application through the Social Security website. For any senior who has ever paid into Social Security or for those who are looking to find what benefits they may be eligible for, opening a MySocialSecurity account may be ideal.

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