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Knoxville Support Groups for Caregivers

Some of the hardest and most important work in our society is performed by family caregivers. States, nonprofit organizations, health care systems, and county and city agencies are providing more support services for caregivers as the population ages and more people care for loved ones. It is both okay and necessary for your wellbeing for you to take regular breaks. To help you with this, here are four great resources for caregiver support and benefit programs in Knoxville.

The Alzheimer’s Association Eastern Tennessee

The Knoxville chapter of the national Alzheimer’s Association serves the entire eastern portion of Tennessee with support groups, educational programming, and other services for Alzheimer’s patients, the public, family members, and professionals. Alzheimer’s caregivers can get assistance from the group in a variety of ways:

You can find always-available support online in the Alzheimer’s Association’s forums and over the phone at (800) 272-3900.

In-person caregiver support groups meet at locations throughout Knoxville. Jellico Community Hospital and First Baptist Concord are among the many places caregivers meet. Use the Community Resource Finder to find the groups nearest you. You just click “Alzheimer’s Association Programs and Events” and then choose “Support Groups.”

If you are drowning in all of the tasks you need to complete, you may want to enlist the help of friends and family. The Alzheimer’s Association provides a useful Care Team Calendar, which is a free, personalized online tool that organizes those who want to help.

The Eastern Tennessee Area Agency on Aging and Disability

Eastern Tennessee residents aged 60 years and over and their caregivers can contact the Eastern Tennessee Area Agency on Aging and Disability for program and benefits eligibility information. The agency works with the state and contracts with local groups to help caregivers with case management and care planning, stress reduction, and respite care vouchers for caregivers whose family members need help with at least two activities of daily living. Call (865) 691-2551.

Mountain Home VA Medical Center

The Mountain Home VA Medical Center provides support resources for family caregivers of senior veterans. There are the following forms of support through the VA:

Relieving the family caregiver’s workload with home health aides, skilled nursing care, and homemaker help at home Home respite care A national hotline for VA caregiver information and support at (855) 260-3274 Hospice care at home Home-based primary care and telehealth for caregivers whose loved ones cannot travel to medical appointments Adult day care centers that offer care so you can take a break Peer support groups where experienced and new caregivers can exchange information and ideas To find out what services you and your loved one may be eligible for, contact the Knoxville caregiver support coordinator at 423-926-1171.

Tennessee CAD Caregiver Services

The Tennessee Commission on Aging & Disability can help you find Knoxville-area support services and respite care providers. In addition, they can give you information about Medicaid programs that may help cover the expense for respite care. Contact (615) 741-2056 for more instructions and information on how to apply for CAD services.

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