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Knoxville Senior Realtors

Choosing a new home to live in can be a scary experience, especially for someone who has spent years living in the same location. A senior realtor can help any senior citizen looking to downsize make the transition more comfortable. They will be there to provide guidance and reassurance during the tough process.

Duties of a Senior Realtor

The duties of a senior realtor include helping seniors locate a new living space, selling their previous home, providing guidance and advice, and offering a network of other professionals, such as contractors, home inspectors, and movers.

A senior realtor gets that title once they complete an approved course and earn a certification. Both a classroom course and online version are available to ensure more realtors can earn their designation as soon as possible. The Williamson County Association of Realtors is one option located within Brentwood, Tennessee. It is a three hour drive from the Knoxville area. The course lasts two days and ends with a test. Realtors that would rather stay nearby can choose the online option instead.

Served Citizens

Senior realtors only serve a select classification of citizens. This includes any person over the age of 50 who is considered a senior citizen. Whether you are retired, at your peak working age, or in need of long-term care, a senior realtor will be able to serve you.

Seeking a Real Estate Agent in the Area

You can seek a senior real estate agent in the area as soon as you start thinking about relocating. This way, you can utilize all of their available services. They will be able to discuss the selling process and ensure you have the home ready to sell as soon as possible. You can stay in the home until close to the sell date, or you can move out immediately to get your new life started.

Locating a Senior Realtor in Knoxville

Not every realtor is experienced at senior realty. It is best to locate a senior realtor in the Knoxville area who is certified in the designation. Senior Real Estate offers a “find an SRES designee” tool that allows you to search for specialists in your area. You can type Knoxville into the city search bar, and select Tennessee from the drop down menu, in order to receive a list of agents that meet the criteria.

Realty Executives Associates, Coldwell Banker Wallace & Wall, and Pinnacle Real Estate, LLC are just a few of the choices. You can search their websites to find the “about me” section and learn more about what their companies offer. There is also the option to do a property search to see if they have any homes that pique your interest. You can even fill out a form to find out how much your home might be worth. Disclose the number of bedrooms and bathrooms that are included, the year the home was built, square feet, lot size, and previous purchase price and receive an estimate for how much your home may be able to sell for.

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