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Knoxville Senior Movers and Downsizers

The act of downsizing can be scary for many seniors who have lived the majority of their lives in one home. They must get rid of a lot of sentimental items that may be dear to them in order to move into a smaller space that is better suited to their needs. Hiring a senior mover or downsizer in the Knoxville area can help seniors feel more comfortable with their decision.

How Are Senior Services Different From Regular Moving Services?

You can use the help of a senior moving expert to sell your belongings, donate old clothes, declutter your home, and arrange other services easily. Regular moving services typically only include packing, unpacking, and moving. They do not provide any extra help that many seniors need in this situation. Senior movers are more sensitive to your concerns, and will provide any assistance you need.

When is the Right Time to Contact a Senior Mover?

A senior mover should be contacted as soon as you get the urge to move. They can help with every step of the process. If you wait until all details are already in place, they will only be able to help by moving your items, which is the same as what any other moving company can do. Your senior move expert will assist every step of the way as long as you contact them in advance so that they can. It will be a much bigger benefit of you to make early contact.

Where Are Senior Move Managers Located?

Many senior move managers have their own businesses that they run. They are not just part of a regular moving company like Two Men and a Truck. They typically run a transition company that focuses on providing services to seniors, including moving, handling utility transfers, and downsizing. Full Circle Moving is one option in Tennessee. Their company is part of the National Association of Senior Move Managers. The NASMM allows you to search for additional companies and individuals who offer these services. There are at least seven people listed who offer their services throughout areas of Tennessee.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Move Manager?

The price for a senior move manager, and any other senior moving specialist, is dependent on the exact type of services you are receiving. They typically offer a per-hour fee. It can take at least a few hours just to move, which means the service will be costly. It is worth it in the end as you are getting all the help you can to ensure the move goes smoothly and you can transition from one home to the next as easily as possible.

You can skip a few services if you are worried about the cost. A free consultation will allow you to discuss your options and see if there are any special packages available. Some offer a la carte services, while others only have package deals. You will receive a lower quote if you choose to handle the sorting yourself while the movers handle the rest.

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