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Knoxville In-Home Care

The transition from independent living to long-term care can be difficult, but care agencies throughout Knoxville give seniors the option to continue living safely at home during this period. Home health care rates within the city are significantly cheaper than nursing care rates. In 2015, it cost a daily median of $113 to hire home health services, while a room in a nursing home cost $204 per day for shared quarters and $222 per day for a private apartment. Knoxville in-home care rates were also cheaper than nationwide prices, which hit a median of $125 per day in 2015. Affordable home care agencies throughout Knoxville are available to provide residents with anything from a temporary hand at home to full-time care and companionship.

What to expect from Knoxville home care agencies

Knoxville offers top-notch care in the form of homemaker and home health aide services. While homemaker services provide assistance with simple household tasks, shopping and custodial care, home health aides are also able to provide medical care to housebound seniors. All home health agencies in Knoxville must be registered and licensed by the state Department of Health.

Knoxville home care workers offer many invaluable services that allow seniors to remain at home and maintain their independence. Families in the area rave about local agencies through reviews, mentioning features such as:

Professional, cordial staff members. “The staff is very accommodating and very friendly. I would recommend this place to anyone,” says a client of Right at Home West Knoxville. Reliable and stable care from the same caregiver each day. “It was important to us that we be able to get the same caregiver to come in every time, to make my loved one more comfortable, and that is something they were more than happy to work with us on,” wrote the family of a Home Helpers client. Flexibility around a customer’s schedule. “They were very accommodating when we needed to extend our hours, and to make sure we got the exact hours that we needed,” wrote one family that uses Brightstar Healthcare’s services.

Fitting in-home care around a hectic schedule

Home care agencies strive to meet the unique needs of different customers, and this includes catering to their diverse schedules. You may want to hire a caregiver to come in on a daily basis to help out around the house, or you may just be looking for some last minute assistance. Certain agencies also offer respite services for busy caregivers. Families that are unable to provide the full-time care that a housebound loved one needs should look into hiring a live-in caregiver.

How to hire help around the house

When hiring a caregiver, you aren’t limited to the staff of local home health agencies. You may already have your own caregiver in mind, or you may just want to have more involvement in your loved one’s care. Alternatives to going through an agency include:

Hiring a caregiver yourself. It can be nice for your loved one to have a familiar face around, and hiring a caregiver yourself means that you can take on friends, family and neighbors. This route allows you to pay your friends a fair salary for the care that they provide and gives you full control over your loved one’s daily care routine. Just remember that by deciding to make a direct hire, you are agreeing to take on insurance, payroll and tax responsibilities.

Using agency care to help out your own hire. Your own caregiver may not have the time or the training to provide full-time care for a patient with complex medical needs, especially if you are relying on friends or family. You can contact a local home health agency to hire a skilled aide to help out during the day or to provide short-term respite care.

Using concierge services for simple errands. Seniors with internet access can go online to connect with concierge services that are able to provide assistance with shopping, pet care, dry cleaning, and other tasks. Plan-It Organic delivers healthy food to the houses of Knoxville residents, while BST Concierge offers additional errand services.

Ways to pay for in-home care

Even though in-home care is on the cheaper side of long-term care, the cost can still add up over time. Seniors are sometimes able to cover their home health expenses through the federal Medicare program, but they must meet a series of strict requirements in order to do so. Personal long-term care insurance is much more likely to help pay for care through policy payouts. Low-income seniors may be able to take advantage of the Tennessee Medicaid program to pay for care, while housebound veterans can apply for financial aid through the VA Aid & Attendance pension.

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