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Knoxville Estate Sales

When a loved one dies, not only are you left with the grief of their death but all of their stuff. This can be a difficult time to look through all of their belongings because the pain of their loss is still fresh and you can feel emotional ties to the things they collected. It can also be difficult because it’s possible they have a lot of stuff that you have to sort through.

This isn’t uncommon and in the LA Times found that the average person has over 300,000 things in their possession. Perhaps your family member liked to collect things or tended to hoard items in case they needed it at some point and in this case you could be looking at a months-long project. This is where an estate sale company can be a huge benefit because they can quickly and carefully handle your loved one’s belongings. They are also able to tell you what is worth money and what isn’t so you can be sure you make the best decision possible on all items.

What Happens During An Estate Sale

Hiring an estate sale professional doesn’t just mean they will sell your items, they will take care of the entire process from beginning to end. These professionals specialize in making sure they get the highest price for all the items you want to sell and some of them, like Estate Solutions of Tennessee are Certified Appraisers so they know exactly how to price things to sell. They are also able to handle a large estate very quickly so that it isn’t a long drawn out process.

The first step in an estate sale is to have the professional come through the house and look at everything you have to sell. You want to make sure the items you want to keep are out of the house and only the things you want to sell are left. They will appraise all the items and price them as well as arrange them in an orderly fashion so everything looks neat and organized. Many of these professionals have been in the business for awhile and know the area, so they know how to market and price each sale to move items. Cherokee Estate Sales explains online, the entire process of an estate sale in detail.

On the actual day of the sale, you don’t have to be at the site but you are more than welcome too. The estate sale staff will handle all transactions, security, and provide shoppers with any assistance they need. They will also handle any auction items if there are things to bid on.

After the sale and or auction is over, they can help you figure out what to do with any leftover items by recommending charities in the area. They will share all the sale transactions with the executor of the will as well as with you and will usually get you a check from the estate to you in a few days. The check will be for the total sales minus their commission and fees.

The Cost Of Estate Sale Professionals

The cost of using an estate sale professional can vary from company to company. Some might charge you by the hour to do a walk-through and to appraise the items being sold but others will just charge a flat fee and then take a percent of the total sales. You will want to work out an agreement beforehand so that you know all of the charges you might get as well as the percentage of sales the professional will take at the end.

Finding An Estate Sale Company

Talk with your loved one’s attorney or your own family attorney and see if they have any suggestions. You can also talk to friends or neighbors who have gone through a similar process. The Better Business Bureau of Knoxville lists companies and user reviews but make sure any review you read is from someone who has used their sales not a shopper from an estate sale. Finally, it’s ok to interview a few different companies before you decide, just make sure you get a written and signed contract before you go ahead with the entire process.

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