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Knoxville Demographics and Lifestyle

The Knoxville area offers seniors much to enjoy with its temperate climate and abundance of opportunities for outdoor adventure while exploring the region. Here’s an overview of the Knoxville community that highlights the local natives, mild weather conditions, and nature’s wildlife.

The Diversity of Knoxville Natives

The City of Knoxville is home to more than 178,000 residents, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. The population is diverse with about 76.1% self-identifying as white and about 17.1% identifying as African-American. The figures for Hispanic or Latino residents is 4.6%, with Asian residents at 1.6%, American Indian and Alaska natives listed at 0.4%, and native Hawaiians posted at 0.2%. Women accounted for about 52% of the population in 2010, and 12.6% of Knoxville residents were 65 years of age or older.

Knoxville, Tennessee is quite diverse and is referred to as the “melting pot” by the City of Knoxville government. The community has numerous organizations that contribute to its rich heritage, including the Beck Cultural Exchange Center whose collections highlight achievements of African Americans. The Chabad of Knoxville and the East Tennessee Chinese School along with the Lost Cajuns of East Tennessee as well as other organizations highlight the cultural diversity of the city.

Knoxville Weather and Preparedness Programs

Knoxville natives enjoy a temperate climate due to the surrounding Great Smoky Mountains and the Cumberland Plateau regions. The higher elevations modify extreme weather conditions for Knoxville, which is located within the Great Appalachian Valley. The geography of Knoxville results in comfortable seasons with moderate temperatures throughout the year. Rainfall is more common during winter and spring, with occasional summer thunderstorms. Snowfall accumulations average 12 inches annually.

Average temperatures for January in Knoxville range from a low of about 30 degrees to a high of 47 degrees with July’s temperatures coming in between 68 degrees to 87 degrees. The City of Knoxville has a Neighborhood Emergency Preparedness Plan posted on their website to help keep area seniors informed by providing them with resources to use in the event of natural disasters such as floods or other types of devastating weather conditions.

Emergency response agencies that provide neighborhood training and information sessions include the American Red Cross, Knoxville County Health Department, Knoxville Knox County Emergency Management Agency (KEMA), Knoxville Fire Department, and the Knoxville Police Department. The City of Knoxville has a local Neighborhood Emergency Contact Network that consists of local residents within the community that will assist participating agencies during disasters.

Knoxville Wildlife and Botanicals

The Knoxville area is home to a diverse variety of flora and fauna ready to be enjoyed. Walking trails and botanical gardens are in abundance and waiting to be explored. The Tennessee Department of Tourist Development offers ideas and suggestions for the many ways in which to discover the local garden greenery and wildlife with their vacation travel guide. There are several nature centers in the Knoxville area including the Ivan Racheff Park and Gardens, and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

The Ijams Nature Center offers the opportunity to discover and observe the habitat of the local wildlife such as turtles and hummingbirds while being surrounded by acres of meadows, foot trails, and fragrant wildflowers. Take a gingerly trek down the park’s walking trails and sit by a cool trout stream or waterfall. As you take in the beauty of the surrounding forest, you will know that Knoxville is a great place to retire, as it has been chosen once again as one of the most romantic cities by

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