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Knoxville Concierge Services

The numbers of seniors that are choosing to age in place are rising in number as more options and services become available. As seniors age, their health and mobility decrease, making it difficult for them to do things for themselves. Many seniors find it helpful to have groceries, medications, clothing, and other things they need delivered right to their door. Homebound seniors find it especially helpful to get all of the things they need delivered. Delivery and concierge services also help to give senior caregivers a break.

Dee’z Concierge Service is a concierge services that does all of the little errands for individuals that can’t get out and do them for themselves. Seniors can order services on their own, or caregivers can order services to supplement their caregiving. The concierge service will pay bills, do the grocery shopping, purchase gifts, mail packages, pick up and drop off prescriptions, arrange for vehicle maintenance, arrange for pet care, do housekeeping, pick up and drop off dry cleaning, do laundry, and perform most other needed tasks.

Concierge Medical helps seniors get personalized and comprehensive medical care right in their own homes. Patients can also contact physicians via internet and by telephone. Services include internal medicine, cardiology, sleep health, nutrition counseling, stress management, travel, health, integrative and anti-aging medicine.

Schwan Food Company is a food delivery service where individuals can order fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, whole meals, pizza, pasta, side dishes, dessert, and breakfast items. Many of the items are pre-cooked for easy meal preparation. Schwan’s will not charge a delivery fee for orders over $49.99. Seniors can schedule the day and time of delivery.

The Fresh Market is a grocery store where seniors can place their grocery orders online and either pick them up at the store or have them delivered. The Fresh Market also offers shoppers free delicious recipes and tips for shopping and cooking.

Doorstep Delivery will pick up and deliver food orders from fast food and fine dining restaurants. Seniors may view specials, deals, and promotions online.

Valet Gourmet makes it easy for senior to enjoy meals from their favorite restaurants. They can place orders for meal items online and check out using an online shopping cart. Every month Valet Gourmet offers special discounted offers. Meals will be delivered to the senior’s door. The service is available every day of the week.

Groom and Go is a mobile pet grooming service that will take care of senior’s pets in their homes. Pet technicians will examine pets for skin irritations, check for fleas and ticks, trim nails, perform anal gland care, clean ears, bathe pets, and do professional styling.

Pinnacle Delivery Service makes daily runs across east and middle Tennessee. Upon request, they will make specialized runs upon request. This delivery service will move all items from smaller items like cosmetics and medical equipment to large items such as car parts or heavy equipment. They transport goods in a variety of vehicles including cars, box trucks, straight trucks, and flatbed trailers.

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