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Financial Assistance for Knoxville Seniors

As we reach our senior years, our retirement funds need to last for the remaining years to come. With bills, medical needs, and housing needs to cover, not having an income can make it a struggle to stay on top of everything financially. Luckily for seniors in the Knoxville area, there are a few agencies, groups, and programs available to help them out financially.

Financial Help with Groceries and Food

For seniors in the Knoxville area, food and groceries can add up quickly. Seniors looking for some financial assistance can use one of the many discount or free food programs in the area, including Meals on Wheels. In Knoxville, Mobile Meals are available five days a week at noon to anyone over the age of 60 and does not have the assistance of another individual to cook them a meal.

Financial assistance for food or groceries can also come in the form of food stamps for seniors. To be a part of the food stamp program in Tennessee, you will need to meet the program’s requirements.

Financial Help with Housing, Maintenance, Utilities, and Weatherization

The state of Tennessee offers financial programs for seniors in need to help them maintain and afford housing. Just one of those programs is the Tennessee Weatherization Assistance Program, which can provide services like storm windows or insulation to help keep the home safe while also reducing the cost of energy.

Seniors in need of financial assistance for housing can also receive a voucher from the Housing Choice Voucher Program. With these vouchers, a rental subsidy is provided to landlords to help reduce the cost of housing.

For seniors in need of specialized senior care, financial assistance for senior living communities can also be provided. Insurance, including Medicare, can help pay for some treatments while church-based groups or other non-profits can help reduce the cost of a unit in a senior living facility.

Seniors in Tennessee can also receive a relief from property tax in the Knoxville area. To qualify, you must be over the age of 65 and be the owner of your home. A greater relief benefit is available to disabled veterans or the widow/widower of a disabled veteran.

Low-Cost Activities and Assistance Programs in Knoxville

Housing and food aren’t the only areas that a retirement budget can be drained. Things like finding rides or sources of entertainment or socialization can also become expensive for seniors in the Knoxville area. For activities, classes, or just to meet other seniors in the area, there are senior centers throughout Knoxville.

One popular senior center in Knoxville is the Frank R. Strang Senior Center, located at 109 Lovell Heights Road. Here any individual over 50 can take fitness classes, music classes, use computers, or even learn a new language. Other senior centers in the area include:

Carter Senior Center – (865) 932-2939 Corryton Senior Center – (865) 688-5882 Halls Senior Center – (865) 922-0416 Karns Senior Center – (865) 952-2653 South Knoxville Senior Center – (865) 573-5843

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