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Baptist Health Care in Knoxville

For Southern Baptists, staying in touch with their religion is important along every step of life, especially as they reach their later years. When looking for a senior community or living facility for yourself or an elderly family member, you will want one that allows you to feel completely comfortable and in touch with who you are.

For those looking for a Baptist senior living community in the Knoxville area, there are a number of places to look.

Knoxville Baptist Senior Living Communities

The Courtyards Senior Living has three separate facilities in the Knoxville, Tennessee area: The Orchards, The Meadows, and The Gardens. At each of the facilities, there are private suites or shared suites that can be personally furnished to feel more like home. In addition to exercise programs, fun activities, and a focus on spiritual life, staff is available 24 hours a day to provide comfort and care.

Another Baptist-affiliated retirement community in the Knoxville area is Holiday Retirement. The Knoxville Senior Living Echo Ridge is an independent living community that has everything from a putting green to a koi pond, making the facility the perfect place for your loved one to call home.

Baptist Hospice Care in Knoxville

When looking to provide comfort and support when reaching the end of life, a major component of that is religion. It is easy to understand why someone may want to connect with their Baptist faith when they know that the end is approaching.

For those individuals, there are Baptist hospice communities that can provide care and comfort during the senior’s final days. In addition to helping to them ease into what is next, they can provide them with the spiritual connection they may be craving as they move into the unknown next step.

Tennova Residential Hospice is a hospice facility that focuses on helping elderly individuals stay comfortable and cared for during their last few months. Tennova has private rooms for each individual, as well as a chapel and visiting rooms for prayer and activities.

Some Baptist hospice options in the Knoxville area include St. Mary’s Hospice Residential Services, Baptist Hospice, Covenant Homecare, and Adventa Hospice Services.

Additional Baptist Fellowship Options in Knoxville

With dozens of Baptist churches in the Knoxville area, those looking for additional fellowship support can easily find it. At any of these churches, seniors and their families can connect with their faith, keep their spirit strong, and move forward into the elder years with confidence and encouragement.

Many of these churches have programs that focus on their senior community. They provide additional support, allow friendships to be made, and allow for new ways to connect with their religion. For example, the Grace Baptist church in Knoxville has the Golden Harvesters Senior Adult Ministry. The Ball Camp Baptist Church has a similar program with their “Primetimers”. Through these programs, senior members of the church can become involved in a senior choir or participate in senior-specific events.

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