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Medicare in Kansas City

Medicare helps thousands of Kansas City seniors pay for medical care. Without the insurance plan, many older adults in the area would be unable to pay for the care they so desperately need. Understanding the basics of Medicare and knowing which resources to reach out to in the area are both necessary for anyone looking to apply for the insurance option in the near future.

Understanding Medicare

Many people do not fully understand what Medicare is and does. It is not an overall plan that offers all necessary coverage for senior health care. Instead, Medicare provides separate coverage options depending on which parts you choose to utilize. Parts, A, B, C, and D are each different, bringing something unique to the table.

Parts A and B are the primary options.

A focuses on hospital stays while B gets used for ongoing medical needs, such as having to see a doctor for a well-check visit.

Parts C and D are additions you can choose to add onto your package. They often have higher premiums and are not always available to everyone. C is designed so private insurance companies can offer you coverage, including A and B options. They are known as Advantage Plans. D focuses on prescriptions that many seniors regularly require.

Facts About Medicare in Missouri

There are 42 Medicare Supplement companies in Missouri.

19 percent of Missouri’s population utilizes Medicare.

1,136,382 Medicare beneficiaries reside in Missouri.

Medicare Services Offered By Office Locations in Kansas City

The Missouri state website features a section related to senior services. Insurance and Medical Coverage is a significant portion of the site, offering guidance on Medicare and other options. It directs you to the Medicare website where you can apply for services.

If you prefer to apply in person, head to one of the office locations in Kansas City. There are three social security offices to choose from in the area:

6320 Euclid Ave

8620 N Green Hills Rd

2021 Independence Ave

The offices open at 9 am each weekday and allow patrons to come in until 4 pm when they close. You can call ahead of time to see which documents you need by calling (800) 772-1213. The Social Security website also allows you to apply online and find the information you seek.

Medicare Providers in Kansas City

Numerous tools exist on the Medicare website that allow you to search for providers, home health care services, medical suppliers, and more. Search their directory and find providers that offer Medicare in Kansas City. You can search by job duties, such as internal medicine or geriatric medicine, to find the particular type of doctor you need.

You also have the ability to look up helpful Medicare resources in your state. These resources could include telephone numbers for general Medicare information, such as 1-800-MEDICARE, or the websites of various insurance counselors, informational centers, and hospitals nearby. Visit the sites you need and seek out the information that will help make applying for Medicare much easier to understand.

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