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Medicaid in Kansas City

Kansas City, MO, offers Medicaid to people in need. The insurance program works to provide monetary assistance to low-income families and individuals who would otherwise be unable to pay for costs themselves. The plan covers health care benefits, such as doctor’s visits and hospital stays, while offering additional options for senior citizens requiring extensive care.

What Requirements Does Missouri Medicaid Have for Recipients?

Missouri has strict requirements for their Medicaid recipients. Not just anyone gets approved for this low-income intended insurance option. Individuals must have less than $1,000 worth of cash or securities to qualify. Seniors age 65 and older may apply for Medicaid to help offset care costs. Disabled individuals may also apply for Medicaid, as long as the disability is a long-term problem that the person will face for an extended timeframe.

Who Provides Help With Medicaid Applications?

MO HealthNet makes up Missouri’s Medicaid program. Individuals who are entitled to services receive an identification card to prove their eligibility. Before you can receive this card, you must apply for services and verify your income and other pertinent information. An online application allows you to request services on your own. Otherwise, you can call 1-855-373-4636 to speak to a representative from the Missouri Department of Social Services. You can even request help in Spanish or any other language, and you will get forwarded to someone who can assist you.

Kansas City provides the Region Seven Center for Medicaid. The office, located at 601 E. 12th Street, Suite 355, employs professionals able to assist seniors with questions regarding specific Medicaid questions. These issues may include how to apply for Medicaid or where to file a claim. You can visit the office or call and speak with a representative at 816-426-5925.

Does Missouri Medicaid Cover Senior Services?

All seniors receive the same services as other Medicaid recipients. You can obtain hospital care, lab work, x-rays, prescription medications, ambulance services, hearing aids, podiatry services, and much more. Any medically-necessary options your doctor discusses can get covered with Medicaid.

Nursing home services are additional options for seniors. A licensed hospital, extended care facility and professionally licensed nursing home are all possibilities as long as they meet federal nursing home standards. The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services must verify the home’s accuracy.

Is Transportation Provided to Medical Appointments?

People with Medicaid insurance can receive free transportation to their medical appointments. With so many people to shuttle between places, there is not enough room for everyone. It is vital that patients schedule these rides in advance, and have a high need to use them in the first place. If you can get a ride with a friend or family member, it is best to wait for them instead of using these services.

Those that are in genuine need of transportation assistance can contact their local Area on Aging to see who offers this service. The Kansas City Area on Aging is located at 849-C North 47th Street. You can call them at (913) 573-8531 to discuss options over the phone.

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