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Kansas City Volunteer Opportunities for Seniors

Instead of retiring to your living room or a golf course, Kansas City seniors can use their newfound freedom to give back to the community that has given them so much.

Volunteering will bring you the opportunity to learn new things, make friends, and make a difference in the lives of countless people.  Learning new things and socializing with people will enrich your life, keep your mind active, and give purpose to your retirement years.

Keep reading to learn more about volunteer opportunities in Kansas City and how you can make important contributions to life in Kansas City.

Help Out in the Schools

Kansas City Public Schools are the place for seniors who want to help the next generation.  As a volunteer in the public schools, you’ll contribute valuable assistance that will help free up teachers to create an amazing classroom experience.

Tutoring in any subject you’re competent with will ensure that no child falls through the cracks and fails due to a lack of critical help.  The school cafeteria will appreciate help in the kitchen, and the presence of volunteer lunch room monitors to keep order and make sure the children have a relaxed and healthy lunch period.

Make the Library a Great Place

The Kansas City Public Library will appreciate senior volunteers who are willing to provide critical aid that will keep the Library a place of learning and reading enjoyment for the Kansas City community.  

Your help will be invaluable at the front desk helping check out books and handing out new library cards.  Seniors who are good with their hands can help out with book repair, preserving books for year’s worth of visitors.  

Story- time volunteers can transmit the love of reading to a new generation of readers while they enjoy the company of an appreciative, young audience.

Learn About Plants

Kansas City Kansas Community College’s Cooper-Foreman Heirloom and Native Gardens need volunteers to keep the grounds maintained and care for the various exotic species of plants on display.

Volunteers will learn the intricacies of botany while making the Gardens a wonderful place for visitors to see plants they never would otherwise.

The Zoo needs You

The Kansas City Zoo needs adult volunteers to contribute in a variety of roles.  If you’re a people person, the Zoo needs volunteer tour guides to show visitors the wonders of our planet’s wildlife.  

Learn about zoology while you help maintain the animal’s habitats, and by helping prepare the feed according to any particular species dietary needs.

Animal Shelters are for Animal Lovers

Help abandoned and abused animals find a better life at the KC Pet Project.  They need volunteers who can socialize shelter animals and prepare them for life in a new home. Feeding and exercise companion animals is an immense task for all the pets they try to help; you can make a big difference helping out.

Find Your Passion

Find your particular passion and reach out to the organization that needs your help.  Use the golden years of retirement to make the world a better place.

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