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Kansas City Veterans Support Groups

The Kansas City veteran population has grown exponentially over the years. As men and women in the military get older, they retire from service and head back home to live the remainder of their lives as civilians. It proves difficult for most people to acclimate to life back home, with many having trouble locating housing, education, employment, and health care. The town you live in does provide support. It is just a matter of finding the right resources to get you started. Here’s a brief look at what Kansas City offers.

Community Support

Two main locations provide community support to veterans in Kansas City. The Kansas City Vet Center, at 4800 Main St #107, and the Kansas City VA Medical Center, at 4801 Linwood Blvd, provide those two choices. These facilities offer assistance with whatever vets need, including health care services, the claim filing process, education opportunities, employment options, and housing applications. Representatives from each location help you get access to whatever it is you need so you can get on the right path.

Statewide Services and Support

The Missouri Veterans Commission has a central office in Jefferson City. It vows to offer services and guidance to all of Missouri’s veterans near and far. If you wish to speak to someone at the facility, call 573-751-3779 or email a representative at [email protected] Advocates are standing by to assist you with any needs you may have.

Veteran information is detailed on the Missouri state website. Information regarding employment, health, education, and living in Missouri all get provided. Click a link to explore the data within and find what you need.

National Veteran Support Organizations

Five different VFW posts reside in Kansas City, providing a safe place for veterans to go when they want to talk. This national veteran support group encourages regular meetings with other veterans. The following posts provide that opportunity monthly:

Post 1829 Claude B. Champion

Post - 5904 Crystal Ave; 7:30 PM 1st Tuesday

Post 9997 Blue Ridge Memorial

Post - 6801 Wilson Rd; 1:00 PM 2nd Saturday

Post 5606 Nathan F. Lamar

Post - 5406 NE Oak Ridge Rd; 7:00 PM 2nd Thursday

Post 7356 South Platte Memorial

Post - 10125 Tom Watson Parkway; 7:00 p.m. 4th Thursday

Post 1738 Joel A. Balcom

Post - 4901 Lees Summit Rd; 7:30 PM 2nd Thursday

Attend any meeting you see fit or stick to the monthly meeting at the location closest to your home. You can listen to others talk or join in on the conversation if you desire. You can also ask the commander or quartermaster for information on resources or assistance with other services if needed.

Showing Gratitude for Our Kansas City Veterans

Kansas City veterans are greatly appreciated by all. The city shows appreciation and gratitude by hosting a special event on Veterans Day. The National World War I Museum and Memorial honors those who served by providing free admission and offering various programs to veterans and the public.

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