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Kansas City Senior Movers and Downsizers

No one likes moving. Moving is stressful, time-consuming, and emotionally draining. When Kansas City seniors move from their house, it’s even more traumatic.  

When seniors move, it’s frequently done with the goal of downsizing. The children have grown up and moved out, leaving you in a large and difficult to maintain family home.

Whether Kansas City seniors are moving in with a child, a nursing home, or a senior community, they will have to leave behind many things that will not fit in the new place.

Kansas City seniors need the help of a senior move specialist who can guide them through the process of downsizing and moving. Continue reading to learn more about how a senior move manager (SMM) can help you downsize and move into your new living arrangement.

How is a Senior Move Specialist Different?

Eliminating the clutter in your old home and organizing your possessions to decide what stays and what must go, can be a monumental task. Decades in the same home gives plenty of opportunities to collect furniture, knick-knacks, and mementos.

A senior move manager will help you sort through it all and help you decide what must:

Be thrown out

Donated or sold

Given to family members for safekeeping

Additionally, your senior move expert will take care of important details related to your move such as:

Transferring your utilities to the new address

Notifying the post office of your change of address

Unpacking and organizing your new home

SMMs who are members of the NASMM will be educated in the unique issues associated with senior downsizing, are bonded or insured according to specific guidelines, and must adhere to strict ethical guidelines.

When to Contact a Kansas City Senior Move Specialist

A senior move manager can quickly help in the event a senior has to downsize and move quickly due to an unforeseen event. While this isn’t an ideal circumstance for anyone, your SMM will be instrumental in ensuring that the process occurs as efficiently as possible and is handled compassionately.

If you start planning at the earliest time, you realize downsizing and moving is an eventual necessity. The SMM will be instrumental in saving as many of your precious keepsake items as possible while helping you to get rid of everything that isn’t worth keeping or moving.

Finding a Senior Move Professional

Online search is the best way to start assembling a list of possible candidates. Visit the NASMM website and take advantage of their online search tool to find an NASMM senior move manager.

Visit the Better Business Bureau and find a directory of the SMMs in your area and find out how they’re rated by the BBB.

What Will I Pay For Senior Move Service?

AARP reports that seniors can expect an SMM to cost between $40 and $100 per hour, exclusive of moving company services that you’ll require. Seniors can save money by asking about package deals and contacting several different service providers and comparing prices.

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