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Kansas City Respite Care and Adult Day Care

Most retirees would prefer to spend their final years in their own home with the help of an adult caregiver if necessary. Luckily, when these caregivers must be away to take care of their own needs or have to work during the day, there are adult day care programs that provide health supervision, social outlets, and hot lunches. Plus, the family caregiver can go to work with peace of mind knowing that their loved one is well taken care of. This article will answer some of the questions you have about adult day care in Kansas City.

Why Choose Respite Care?

Day care for adults was designed to help seniors and other adults with daily care needs. Older adults are generally dropped off at the centers, which are housed in churches, community centers, senior living facilities, and other settings. Participants can get transportation from some programs. The facilities are typically open every day of the work week during normal working hours. However, some places have extended hours from 8am to 6pm or so. Your senior can attend every day, or you can choose to only send them when a caregiver is ill or on vacation.

All centers must serve hot meals, and some of the facilities also provide breakfast along with healthy snacks. During the day, trained nursing staff oversee medication and monitoring schedules, make sure retirees do not get dehydrated, and assist with using the bathroom and other personal needs. Some programs even have a focus on serving dementia sufferers.

Social activities include day trips, visits from friendly therapy pets, gardening and other outdoor fun, music therapy, adaptive exercise programs, and card and board games. The Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services regulates day care and health facilities throughout the state.

Where Are the Adult Day Care Services in Kansas City?

There are more than a dozen adult day care programs within Kansas City, and there are several more in the surrounding suburbs. Begin your search near your work or home as you look for the best place for your loved one. You may find that some of these facilities are most convenient:

Brookside Adult Day Health Care is situated in the Midtown area


The Carousel Adult Day Care Center is on 17th Street on the East Side


Helping Hands Adult Day Center is located in the East Swope Highlands neighborhood


Hope Health Adult Day Care by the Tower Homes and Waldo neighborhoods


Haske Adult Day Care Health Center on Longview Road in the Crossgates part of town

How Expensive Is Day Care for Adults?

In Kansas City, you can expect to pay $71 per day for adult day care. This is nearly $30 less than the daily rate for a room in an assisted living facility and almost half the full-day cost for in-home care. Long-term care insurance will generally cover the expenses when respite care is needed for medical or cognitive problems. Seniors should see if they qualify for VA- or Medicaid-approved programs when they have limited funds.

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