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Kansas City Rehab Centers

Rehabilitation comes in various forms such as speech therapy after a stroke or physical therapy to strengthen leg muscles. No matter your reason for needing rehab, centers in Kansas City provide the skilled nursing staff you need to help you make the most of your sessions. Before you start, discover all the options the city has to offer and determine which facility is right for you.

Types of Rehab Offerings

Speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy are the three main types of therapy offered at a rehab center for seniors. Speech therapy focuses on your cognitive function and helps you get back your use of language. Perhaps you had a surgery that made your voice disappear or a stroke that took away your knowledge of the English language. Your therapist will use flash cards and other methods of getting you to correlate words and pictures. He may use memory games and other alternatives to help your memory.

Physical therapy focuses on the use of your body, primarily your legs. Your therapist helps you stand up if you’ve been confined to a wheelchair using a set of bars you can grab onto and hold yourself in place. You can try moving one foot in front of the other and relearn how to walk. It may take some time to gain back the strength you once had.

Occupational therapy teaches you daily living skills you have forgotten, but need to know to get back home. Your therapist may recommend eating aids, memory tricks such as labeling cabinets, and other methods for helping you make daily tasks easier to accomplish.

Top-Rated Rehab Options in Kansas City

Garden Valley Nursing and Rehab offers long-term stays or short-term visits. All treatment plans get determined after the therapist meets with you and takes an assessment. You receive a comprehensive evaluation that helps decide the best course of action for your treatment. The therapy gym provides all the space needed to work.

The New Marks Care Center & North Court Rehab Suites creates personalized therapy sessions. Therapists work one-on-one with patients to ensure the best possible outcome. The goal is to promote a quick recovery and offer pain management and techniques.

Qualifications of the Best Rehab Centers

Ideal rehab centers are clean and well-maintained. The staff is friendly and courteous. Residents all feel welcome and at home. You should also be sure the state certifies the center you choose. You’d be surprised at how many facilities attempt to operate without the proper licensing.

Finding Ways to Pay for Care

Insurance is the best option when paying for rehab. Medicare is a strong possibility. If you meet the qualifications and find a Medicare-certified facility, this insurance plan will cover the cost of five or more days per week of rehabilitative services. You just need to be sure the doctor signs off on the care, and you stayed in the hospital for more than three days already because of the ailment that requires these services.

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