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Kansas City Nursing Homes

Nursing homes don’t often conjure up happy images, but the reality is that many seniors will spend at least a little time in this facility. Despite what you might think about nursing homes, many of them offer a variety of helpful services, and they aren’t always the last resort for aging seniors. Here in Kansas City, there are facilities like New Mark Care Center & NorthCourt Rehab Suites, which not only provide nursing care, but therapy and rehab services. Kingswood Senior Living Community offers you a choice of living styles that include independent, assisted, skilled nursing, and memory care. Bishop Spencer Place provides a continuum of care so you can stay in one spot as you age.

This guide will give you an idea on the cost of nursing homes in Kansas City as well as the services offered and how you should go about finding the right nursing home.

Nursing Home Quick Facts

According to the CDC Nursing Home FastStats, CMC Nursing Home Data Compendium, and Administration on Aging's Profile of Older Americans:

The US had 15,600 nursing homes with 1.7 million beds in 2014.

Missouri has 512 facilities and 25 located in Kansas City.

33 facilities have less than 50 beds, 230 have 50 to 99 beds, 232 have 100-199 beds, and 17 have more than 199 beds.

In 2014, there were 46.2 million people 65 and older. By 2020 that number will reach 56.4 million.

How Long Will a Senior Stay in A Nursing Home?

On average, a senior will stay about three years in a nursing home, but that could change depending on several factors. First, gender plays a role because women usually live longer than men. Their average length of stay will be a bit longer as well. Also, depending on the condition and health of the senior they might have to stay a few weeks or a few years.

Nursing homes aren’t just for long-term care, and some residents are there as a transition from the hospital to their home. Yes, many patients are there for a long time because of severe medical conditions or chronic illnesses, but there are cases where they might stay short-term. For example, if a healthy senior breaks their leg, they might go to a nursing home to get therapy before they return home.

Respite care is also an option and gives family caregivers a rest from their duties. If you need a break for longer than a day, you can take your loved one to a nursing home, and they will take over their care. These stays can also give you a good feel for long-term care in case you need to use it in the future.

Services at Nursing Homes

These are some of the essential services you can find at a nursing home, but each one will vary, so make sure you know what they are. Certified nursing assistants or CNA’s will be on hand to take care of personal tasks like going to the bathroom, getting dressed, getting in or out of bed, and wheelchair transfers. There are also nurses on staff, and they will take care of things like changing the dressing on wounds, monitoring vital signs, managing medication, and monitoring conditions like heart disease or diabetes.

All patients can get therapy at nursing homes, not just the ones who are returning home. Many facilities provide occupational and speech therapy to help stroke patients work on things like writing their name, speaking, and swallowing. Physical therapy helps seniors with mobility, especially after a fall, injury, or surgery. Some patients will not come home from a nursing facility, and for those patients, there is hospice care. This service not only helps the patient but their family members as well.

Meals are included at nursing facilities and based on your dietary needs, the meals will be made to give you optimal nutrition. Mealtime is also a chance for residents to get out of their room and socialize with the other patients. Nurses can help with any issues, but if you don’t want to eat in the dining hall, you can have your meals in your room.

Residents will also have the opportunity to participate in social events like movie screenings, game groups, pet therapy, holiday celebrations, outings, arts and crafts, and much more. Many facilities also provide spiritual activities like religious services, prayer groups, and Bible studies. These events help keep the patients active and engaged in their surroundings.

Nail and hair services are also a common feature in nursing homes. Patients can get their hair done if they know they will have visitors or if they just want to freshen up and feel better.

Kansas City Nursing Home Rates

Nursing home rates in Kansas City are competitively priced with places like St. Louis and Jefferson City. The monthly rate for a semi-private room in Kansas City is $5,547 while in St. Louis it’s $5,171 and in Jefferson City, it’s $4,350. A private room will cost $6,464 in Kansas City while in St. Louis and Jefferson City it will be $5,658 and $4,928 respectively.

These rates are just averages, and you can find a broad range of prices in the area. The location of the facility can change the cost, and its size will also factor in. You can pay more or less depending on how long you stay and the services you need while you’re there. If you’re a Medicaid patient and use an approved facility, the rates will be the contractually agreed upon price. Seniors that are low-income but don’t meet the requirements for Medicaid can ask to work with facilities on the cost so that it will fit their budget.

Looking for A Nursing Home

Be prepared to do your research when you start looking at nursing homes. Sometimes there isn’t always time to do it all on your own, so recruit the efforts of family members or consider using a senior advisor. The facility should have the proper license as well as an excellent history of resolving any complaints. Ask to see their inspection record and ask any question you might have.

Try to visit each facility so you can see how clean it is, watch how the staff interacts with patients, and possibly talk with the residents. If you’re not sure which questions to ask, the Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services has an online guide.

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