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Kansas City Neighborhood Guide

Talk about living in Kansas City and most people would be unsure of which place you are discussing. Kansas City not only lies to the east in Missouri but also to the west in the state of Kansas. The Missouri city is more well known for its downtown attractions, making it the more favored KC for many.

Kansas City Notable Neighborhoods

Morningside is a Kansas City neighborhood that is worth noting. It is deemed very livable based on its 73 rating from Area Vibes. What makes the community so noteworthy is the abundance of amenities filling the area. Transportation routes, parks, coffee houses, studios, restaurants, shops, and more fill the spaces, providing plenty of entertainment possibilities to keep residents engaged.

Armour Hills earned an 81 on the same livability scale. The neighborhood fills the number one slot in not only Kansas City but all of Missouri. The low cost of living, the list of amenities, a high income per capita, and the high graduation rate all make the area worthwhile to residents of all ages.

Senior-Friendly Neighborhood Offerings in Kansas City

Brookside offers a suburban feel, yet has received renovations to improve its shopping option. It is essentially a small town offering big city living. Specialty markets, a grocery store, unique small shops, restaurants, and more are within walking distance to neighboring houses. Several coffeehouses are even in the area. It is ideal for seniors who want to walk into town to get their errands done, rather than having to drive a far distance away.

The WinterStone Golf Course sits in Independence, MO, a small suburb area near Kansas City. Seniors can hit the golf course and enjoy a relaxing 18 holes. Bungalow-style homes, ranch houses, and cottages make up the retired community. More than 16 percent of all residents in the area are above the age of 64, ensuring there are others in the area with similar interests and aspirations. Multiple city parks allow you to enjoy nature, while there are also historical sites to explore like the Truman Library and Museum.

Finding Your Forever Home

Neighborhoods in North Kansas City, Fairlane, Tower Homes, Union Hill, Hickman Hills, and Ward Parkway provide some additional community options. You can find your forever home in one of these areas, or from the already mentioned suggestions. With so many places to choose from, it is imperative that you take the time to genuinely consider what it is you’re looking for in terms of living arrangements.

The neighborhood you choose to live in does not just depend on which location has more amenities or earns a high livability score. You want to find a place you feel safe, and a community where you fit in with others. A small suburb may be your style or a larger area with plenty of restaurants and shops may be a better solution. The goal is to find a location that best meets all of your criteria before you settle on your forever home in your forever neighborhood. There are plenty of options to choose from in Kansas City.

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