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Visiting your doctor for an (at least) yearly checkup is a commonsense way to ensure that you’re doing well health-wise, and a good way to catch any health problems at the earliest. However, is it the best way when you’re older?

As your body ages, the health problems that you’re at risk for both change and increase. There are chronic and acute conditions that need to be watched out for by a doctor who specializes in treating older patients.

This is when you need to change your regular physician and find a geriatrician. A geriatrician is a specialist that treats elderly patients. If you’re over 60 years of age and still visiting the same doctor you’ve relied on since your 40’s, you should consider finding a geriatrician to help you maintain your health into old age.

Kansas City seniors are lucky as they have access to top-quality geriatric medical care located nearby. Continue reading to learn about some of the hospitals that provide geriatric medical care and how to find a geriatric specialist that’s right for you.

Kansas City Hospitals for Geriatric Medicine

St. Luke's Hospital in Kansas City, MO is ranked number two in Kansas City and nationally in 4 adult specialties. St. Luke’s is a tertiary care hospital and part of the St. Luke’s Healthcare System.

St. Luke’s Hospital is rated high-performing in seven adult procedures and conditions:

The hospital is ranked 20th for Cardiology & Heart Surgery

The hospital is ranked 50th for Gastroenterology & GI Surgery

The hospital is ranked 19th for Gynecology

The hospital is ranked 38th for Pulmonology

U.S. News and World Report rates St. Luke’s as high-performing in geriatrics, nephrology, neurology and neurosurgery, orthopedics, and urology. Seniors will benefit from the comprehensive outpatient rehabilitation services that St. Luke’s offers, and will have access to a world-class aquatic therapy program.

Belton Regional Medical Center is a general medical and surgical hospital that has an average rating in treating:

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

Heart Failure

Hip Replacement

Knee Replacement

Belton Regional Medical Center is a member of the HCA Midwest Health System in Kansas City and nearby areas. Since its existence in 1984, Belton Regional serves the population of southern Jackson and northern Cass counties.

Belton Regional has been recognized for having the highest level of image quality and patient safety in CT scans. Belton Regional has the distinction of being a "Pathway to Excellence" designated hospital.

Locating Medical Care for Seniors in Kansas City

A good start to finding the right geriatrician for your needs is to ask people you trust who already have a geriatric doctor. You’ll find out first-hand information about who is available, the quality of care, and where a good geriatrician is located.

Also, take advantage of online search tools to build your own list of possible candidates. U.S. News and World Report has a doctor finder where you can find out who is conveniently located and how they rank locally and nationally. provides an easy to use search tool to find a physician who can take care of you.

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