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Losing a loved one is difficult, and you want the best service to honor his or her life. Choosing the right funeral home can help provide the service you want and assist you with your mourning process. Planning a funeral can be extremely hard as you are already emotional. As you plan, remember that funeral homes are in business to make money. You will want to compare multiple funeral homes’ prices and services to get the best value and memorial you want.

The rights of a consumer

State and federal laws require funeral homes to provide a list of all pricing up front. Funeral homes will give you a General Price List to outline costs and also give you these details over the phone.  The Federal Trade Commission Funeral Law requires services to be available outside of the packages. After selecting products and services, the funeral home will give you a detailed price list outlining what each item costs.

Here are some other rights:

You can choose various burial containers other than a casket for cremation.

You can purchase a casket or cremation container anywhere (online or another store) and use it at any funeral home for the burial.

You will receive an itemized list for the pricing of products and services you chose in your plan before the funeral.

You can decline to embalm. By law, funeral homes must receive your written or verbal permission before starting this process.

Some funeral homes post their General Price List directly online like Maple Hill Funeral Home. There are a wide array of caskets, and prices vary significantly. Amos Family along with some other funeral homes list available caskets and prices on their website. The Souder Family Funeral Home offers an online planning form.

How to select a funeral home

If you have the opportunity to preplan a funeral, that is the easiest, but it’s not always possible. Get a referral from family, friends, neighbors, or co-workers. Search online for reviews. Visit the Greater Kansas City Better Business Bureau to find funeral homes accredited by the BBB. You can also verify licenses with the State Board of Mortuary Arts.

After narrowing down your search to a couple funeral homes, review their General Price Lists for comparable prices and services. Determine what is necessary for the service and do a price comparison. You will also need casket or cremation containers. The Federal Trade Commission offers a Funeral Pricing Checklist to aid in your search and help you come up with questions to ask the funeral homes. Take note of how each funeral home treats you as a shopper.

Sticking to your budget

You want your best for your loved one, but you don’t want to carry a financial burden. There are plenty of ways you can save money and still have a respectable service. Create a list of services that are the most important to you. Determine your budget before you begin planning and be upfront with the funeral homes on how much you want to spend. Funeral Consumers Alliance provides valuable information and can help you save money while planning a funeral.

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