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Kansas City Family Caregiver Benefits    

Caregiving full-time for a loved one can be tiring both mentally and physically. Luckily, local and national government agencies, non-profit organizations, and medical providers offer support programs for caregivers to give them a break, educate them, deliver services, and supply health care. Below are four resources within Kansas City to assist you in caring for your loved one.

Heart of America Chapter of The Alzheimer’s Association

The Heart of America Chapter of the National Alzheimer’s Association serves Kansas City and offers a variety of free programs for families, health care providers, and the community to educate, support, and find area resources for those with Alzheimer’s disease.

Caregivers can get assistance with planning and use community resources through family care planning. The Heart of America Chapter offers trained staff to help you navigate difficult decisions and challenges through a phone call, email, or a personal meeting.

Caregivers support groups will give you ideas, emotional support, coping mechanisms, and information on local resources. There are more than 30 Heart of America Chapter support groups that meet regularly.

The Alzheimer’s Association offers educational classes and workshops for families and those with Alzheimer’s. You can also find information at the Library located in the main office including books, brochures, videos, and more on Alzheimer’s. You can also find an extensive online library.

There are services for individuals with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Trial Match is free and helps caregivers find local clinical trials for Alzheimer’s research. MedicAlert+Safe Return is a national registry for those with memory loss to help return them home through identification.

Caring for someone with Alzheimer’s can raise a lot of questions. You can call the Alzheimer’s Association 24/7 Helpline for inquiries including resources, medications, respite care, disease inquiries, and treatment options for Alzheimer’s. You can also get emotional support should you have a bad day. Call 1.800.272.3900 anytime to speak to a trained professional.

You can also join an online forum at to get support and advice from other caregivers.

Care Connections at Shepherd’s Center

Care Connection is a free service for caregivers and offers community relationships, employee assistance, caregiver education, planning assistance, and support. They also provide advice and guidance to find work and family balance. Anyone who is caring for an aging adult can contact this organization for referrals and resources.

Kansas City VA Medical Center

The VA offers numerous services for caregivers of veterans, including:

Caregiver Support Line

Caregiver Support Coordinator to assist with all your needs

Adult Day Care Centers

Peer Support with other caregivers

Home-Based Primary Care for health services

Skilled Home Care with a medical professional

Homemaker and Home Health Aides for personal care

Home Telehealth for immediate medical advice

Respite Care

Home Hospice Care

To get started or learn more, call the VA’s Caregiver Support Line at 1.855.260.3274.

Clay County Senior Services

Clay County offers several senior programs including adult day care, transportation, Meals on Wheels, in-home care, and senior centers. For more information on programs available to you, contact them by calling 816.455.4800 or emailing [email protected].

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